a person who is religously devoted to either a)God, or b)his girlfriend. Some consider it being whooped or being a pussy, but to each his own.
He is such a monk, and I dont even know why..she aint that good looking.
by MONK!! December 17, 2003
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london rhyming slang for skunk (potent cannabis):

Harry Monk = Skunk
did you pick up any monk today, i'm clucking for a zoot
by M.CLej January 12, 2004
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The monk is a style of the pubes. I say style, but nobody would choose to have their pubes this way. Imagine a monks head, hairy on the sides. Now imagine that in pants, hair poking here, there and everywhere. Disgusting, I know.
A wise man once said to me, go down a girl (if you don't know her that well) with your mouth; that way you find out if she's on her period without bloody fingers AND you give her a good time.

He is no longer considered a wise man. He lost his mojo, sanity and no longer knows his sexuality. He will never be the same after going down on a monk.
So all you ladies reading this, shave. Never have a monk if you wish to continue populating the earth, no guy likes a MONK ever.
At this reallly popping party:
Guy: Hey baby, you looking fiiiiiiiiiiine tonight
Kazakh: Oh hey, I like your hair
Guy: Wanna go upstairs for a fumble?
Kazakh: Okay baby
*Go upstairs*
Guy: *singing and working his way down the girl* what you gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside your AHHH MONKKKKKKKKKKKK!? *runs away whimpering like a puppy*
Kazakh: I was going to get you love drunk :/
by thebravewarrior February 28, 2011
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The nice, old lady that gives candy to little kids at the back of the local hardware store.
Hey Dustin, lets go see if Monk has some candy for us!
by Iamsiam23xc September 12, 2007
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