shortened form of monkey, a sweet little guy who is constantly trying to entertain people. occasionally can cross into the territory of circus gimp but whom we love
Nat: monks is such a cutie
Cat: i know, bless his little monkey socks
by kittycat July 06, 2004
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Example 1. I don't want to want to be a monk and lead a life of bordome

Example 2. I just watched Monk on USA at it was awsome.
by VGclass July 31, 2009
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To be sick from alcohol before reaching the intended destination or party, resulting in an early end to the night.
I totally monksed last Friday! I got so wasted I couldn't even make it to Ollie's Bible Bash!
by dragonlady313 March 15, 2011
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A supreme leader, confident and poised, his head cloaked in a cowl.
Monk spoke but a few words, gestured with his left hand, and the Viscount and Commodore hurried to do his bidding.
by chaseoff May 27, 2014
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A biting dog that likes to bite people.
Cloe: Can Gaby and I have your dog since you're giving it away?

Gaby: Yeah, me and Cloe will love Monk 4ever.

Dylan: Ugh no, unless you want a biting dog that bites people ugh!!
by zito4life April 24, 2011
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a combining of the words "man" and "chunks".. Has two meanings as described in the examples below.
E.G 1 "I heard about (coz i don't watch em myself obviously!) a porn film where the guy finished off my giving the girl a pearl necklace of monks"

E.G 2 "Whoa! you shoulda seen the car crash before with an 18 wheeler and a guy on a moped! Fuckin monks everywhere!"
by I L Evans August 16, 2007
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For men to avoid relationships, sexual commitment, marriage, long-term girlfriends, co-habitation, etc... with women to avoid legal hazards placed upon men from women.
All she needs to do is make one call to the cops accusing you of domestic violence; and you're in jail.

That’s why we monk and stay away.
by learntoliveMGTOW September 03, 2017
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