a mom is a parent that has a child. it is woman gender.
Your mom is actually Joe. Who is Joe? JOE MAMA BITCH
by DrHvked March 15, 2021
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You shot out of her vagina.
Mom: "Y/A!"
You: "what?"
*complete silence until you get up and go to her.*
by YoMomsSugaMomma July 12, 2017
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1. The person who gave birth to you.

2. A nickname for Roger H.
"You make a mean Mac n' Cheese Mom."

"Nice tackle out there Mom; you're a freaking beast today!"
by Rogizzle April 7, 2005
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Your mom has to work for that money
by Wolfie_Gamer_12 November 28, 2019
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A woman who puts everyone and everything else first, to the point that she loses herself along the way. She thinks of everyone else first, but is usually the last to be thought of. She sacrifices selflessly sun up to sun down. She pushes on tirelessly, though others (mostly Dads) don't notice her efforts. She receives no pay, but when she finally gets a moment of recognition it's the best reward in the world to her.
Why are you so tired Mom?
by SupaDupaMe December 24, 2015
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Your mom is the one who shoved you through her vagina into the uncomfortable, cold air. She is completely illogical (she'll win any arguement by saying 'because i said so'), overreacting, hypocritical, and downright mean. she'll contradict herself and not even care. she'll start to care about things she didn't give a crap about before (my mom has suddenly started to hate it when i say crap, when she couldn't've cared less before). But for some reason, you love her anyway no matter what.
Me: Mom, can i get the new Red Faction game?

Mom: no.

Me: (mildly angry voice) Why?!?!?!

Mom: don't give me that attitude young man! because I SAID SO. now go up to your room and don't come out!
by Chowderz April 25, 2011
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