The most beautiful loving person in the world. She will do anything for her kids and will never give up no matter the circumstances. A mom is stronger then anyone else. She'll tough it out and be there through thick and thin. She's the best person in a childs life. Sometimes you'll get in a fight with her, but she'll always forgive you. She is the true definition of beauty.
by thrscarybearunderyourbed April 11, 2015
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some woman you didn't chose to be with yet you are stuck with your entire life until you move out. bitch who always thinks she's right, and if you DARE say she's wrong all hell breaks loose. nags the shit out of you about how you don't do enough chores. goes apeshit if you dont get perfect grades. tells you that you have to be forever grateful that she brought you into this world.
"do the laundry! clean your room! get better grades! your a failure and will never make it in life!" -mom
"FUCK MY LIFE!!!!!!" - me
by titaniccc45 August 21, 2009
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Another way of writing 'mum'. A woman who screams at you all day and night for not doing your chores (and the woman is not your wife)
Mom, stop screaming at me!
by mysterious_writa September 26, 2004
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Beyoncé is such an inspiration, she is my mom.
by Cunt707 March 16, 2015
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The woman who you love to death one minute the next you want to rip her to tiny pieces. She magically makes every cut, scrape and scratch feel better, and gets all your crazy laundry done in 1 day. You come home and the house is completely clean and at night dinner is on the table. She helps you with your homework and helps get you through your toughest problems. Your mom loves you very much and will do anything for you even if she doesn't tell you straight to your face. You are very lucky if you have a mom and must charish the moments you have together.
Friend: Bro, WHAT are you wearing.
Me: My mom made me.
Me: I know she's the best!
by thatsrealOMG April 6, 2018
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Moms are amazing. They look after you and are always there for you no matter what. If your mum tells you off, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you.
by Somerandomguy October 26, 2018
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