You think you can afford a Playstation 3, an Xbox360, and a
Nintendo Revolution? You must think your made of money.
by LightJoker January 30, 2006
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1. A phrase that seems to be funny at any occasion.
2. A saying used when addressing a hooker, or prostitute, who tries to seduce you and seperate you from your wallet. When said hooker tries to take the wallet, scream this saying into her (or his) ear effectively making them go deaf. Then defecate on their eyes, forming a nice brown cushion, and a rather operative blinder. Then, as you utter the second part of the phrase, use your dick to smear this defecant out of her eyes, so that, when she (or he) can see again, they immediately find a gigantic shit-dick in their face. Dick-slapping is optional. This action coupled with this phrase has a 93% chance of scaring off hookers. This action-phrase has a 76% chance that this hooker will be "On the House".
John: So I was talking to Jenna, and she was talking to me about burning four hundred calories. But I wasn't getting the picture, so she eventually...
Alex: Bitch, you think I made of money? SHOW YOU MY DICK!

Hooker: {Moan} Aiiiiiii!!!
{Cell Phone Rings}
Pedro: Who the fuck is that?
{Pedro answers phone}
{Hooker begins to pick up Pedro's wallet}
Pedro: No ese, I don't want to buy your shit cloggers. Why don't you forcibly insert one of those things into your anus?
{Hangs up}
Pedro: Bitch, you think I made of money?
{Defecates on said Hooker's face.}
Hooker: Gahh! I can't see!
{Shit is smeared off by a giant Mexican Penis}
Hooker: Is that a shitty penis?
by Welcometoparadise74 July 22, 2008
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No, but you've got lots of it in da bank!!
An excellent example of how da saying "I'm not made of money" can be very deceptive (i.e., da speaker is actually "loaded") would be Ethan Couch's infamous "affluenza" defense --- he never claimed dat he or any of his family-members were actually constructed of hundred-dollar bills, but he was still indirectly bragging about how wealthy they were.
by QuacksO June 09, 2020
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