Mom - the person that gave you life , the person that gave up alot for you , the person that can accomplish everything by herself (most of the time) . Some moms are the complete opposite of that .
So be thankful for her , all she wants from you is your love .
Jerry - "Dude my mom is such a bitch , she wouldnt let me buy that new game "

Brendon - "Really dude , your gonna say that about your mom . I thought she lost her job yesterday ?"

Jerry-"So what , she cant give me money to buy it ?"

Brendon - "Fuck you dude , i feel sorry for your mom to have a asshole son ."
by Jazzymyn November 13, 2011
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A person you love with all your heart, but then want to choke to death 5 minutes later.
by ihihihihihihigohjgoifsg December 5, 2018
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A person who is so hypercritical and wont let you do anything
My Mom wont let me do anything
by The G.O.A.T~_^_^ February 18, 2021
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If you have a mom she will rock your world and protect you no matter what shes always there for you when you need her . She will put you before herself.
by ♡Belle♡ December 5, 2020
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The most annoying yet most amazing person you will ever meet
Me : *sneezes*

2 seconds later...

Me: Mom I’m hungry
Mom: omg honey want some mac and cheese?
Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
by Ashmit. April 27, 2019
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Good moms: are happy they gave birth to you and will never regret it:) someone who is always there to listen to you and help. Someone who discipline you but only does it for your benefit. Someone who is supportive and will try to help any way possible. Someone to take care of you when you are sick. Basically the best person ever!

Bad moms: One who tells you "I regret having a child like you". Someone who never listens and watches tv instead of helping you with homework. Someone who never pays you any attention. One who abuses you (if they do get help right away). One who curses for no reason. Someone that doesn't make food for you.

Remember having a child is very hard work but that doesn't mean she should abuse you, if she is seek help immediately. My mom is more like the bad mom but I believe its because of the effort and patience you have to have for children, but it doesn't explain why she chokes me like I said if your mom is abusing you get help. I hope your mom is good!!
You: mom: I need help with homework, can you help me?
Good mom: Yes I can help, bring your work here:)
you: thanks mom youre the best!

You: Mom I need help with homework, can you help me?
Bad mom: No do it yourself, cant you see that I am busy?
You: But mom you aren't doing anyth...
Bad mom: don't talk back, do your work by yourself and leave me alone, you can fail for all I care, if you payed attention in class you wouldn't need help, get outta my face.
by dab.with.niya April 11, 2017
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A woman who gave you birth but literally laughs at everything and says: “That’s cute” to many times to count-
Me: “ Hey Mom?”
My Mom: *laughs at whatever’s on her phone*
Me: “ What’s so funny?”
My Mom: “Here.” *shows me her phone which is 287729370853 years old*
Me: “...What’s so funny?”
My Mom: “The kid!”
Me: “Ha.... ha..... ha........Ha.... so funny...”

Me POV: “Not”
by Idkwhatsgoingon April 19, 2020
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