A station for moles to vibe and chill without consequence
Mole #1: yo ima head down to the molestation.
Mole #2: Mk
Mole #3: penis
by Obiwan723 January 18, 2021
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Two definitions:

1- Rape of sexual assault.

2- What you yell when you grab someone suddenly without warning.
1- Your mom was convicted in that molestation case.


Figure.10: *sneaks up behind you*

You: "la la la.."

Figure.10: *launches!*


Figure.10: "Molestaion!!!"
by Figure.10 June 30, 2009
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An infestation of the hole digging vermin, with the weird noses.
Joe: Dude, I'm suffering from a Molestation
Peter: Those moles are hard to get rid of, trust me I was molested once.
Joe: No, I was touched as a child...
Peter: Oh.. Sorry...
by Satchelface May 06, 2013
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to touch without permission
dude did you even ASK that dog if you could pet it? It's really uncool to molest things
by mc wiggle April 18, 2007
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someone who subjects others to unwanted or improper sexual activities
"Is my husband a child molester?"
by Babyloo April 07, 2014
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assault or abuse (a person, especially a woman or child) sexually.
Molest~To sit next to a 7 year old girls bed and start grabbing at her chest and touching her in places without permission.
by Sunnydill December 22, 2016
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n. The Molester has various unique characteristics. Often seen associating with his good friend The Lurker at NASCAR events, he preys on fat chicks and teenage boys. He can easily be identified by his Looney Toons tee-shirt tucked into blue jean shorts with no belt. He calls cruising the parking lot at the race "grazing". His trademark saying is "Sup' brah?" Beware.
"The Molester is at it again. I heard he bagged Big Brenda and little Timmy last weekend."
by LukeDuke December 23, 2004
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