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Two definitions:

1- Rape of sexual assault.

2- What you yell when you grab someone suddenly without warning.
1- Your mom was convicted in that molestation case.


Figure.10: *sneaks up behind you*

You: "la la la.."

Figure.10: *launches!*


Figure.10: "Molestaion!!!"
by Figure.10 June 30, 2009
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An infestation of the hole digging vermin, with the weird noses.
Joe: Dude, I'm suffering from a Molestation
Peter: Those moles are hard to get rid of, trust me I was molested once.
Joe: No, I was touched as a child...
Peter: Oh.. Sorry...
by Satchelface May 06, 2013
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a station for moles to get sex trains home. a mole orgy train.
1st mole: 'what are you up to tonight?'
2nd mole:'im going to have a banging time. im getting a train all the way from victoria molestation to swanley.'
1st mole:'bastard.'
by sarah April 25, 2004
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