A spy, an informer/snitch. Someone who penetrates/enters a circle of friends or organization for the sole purpose of gathering sensitive or classified information and leaking it to an opposing or competing group.
We have a mole in our organization and we don't know who it is, so watch your back and don't give out sensitive information to anyone.
by Erinski Easy December 11, 2008
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A chopped or mixed combination of weed and tobacco snaped through a bong hit, delivers a sick head rush, aka domer. Use blue spirits for best dome. Stack yoself a fatty cone.
1. Moles at lunch fools.

2. This kid can't handle moles because he is a pussy bitch.

3. Moles to the dome are the dank.
by dank buds December 10, 2007
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Combination of tobacco and weed mixed together with a grinder.
by devvonshire May 17, 2007
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A female person of ugly, or dog-ugly, countenance.

Used to describe a person or persons who have prepetrated an act, spoken words, or generally just 'done something' to annoy the user of this word. 'Mole' can be attributed to both males and females .
'Glen, you're a mole'

'Give me a beer, mole'

'You're a mole-whore'

by Anonymous April 7, 2003
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A spy of an organization such as the mafia,some gangs and cartels ect. who is undercover as a police man or woman.
The organization first hand picks some young person and puts them on there pay roll and sends them through a police academy and they then join the police and rise through the ranks all the time funneling information to the cartel,mafia ect.
by Deep blue 2012 December 15, 2009
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A) a scientific term used to describe the amount of substance in grams, which has the same number of particles as there are in 12g of carbon 12. One mole of a substance contains 6.023x10`23 particles. This is obviously rad as it shows how tiny atoms and particles really are. They are smaller than bridget the midget and also smaller than the public's estimation of Jeremy Clarkson.

B) a small furry creature who is proficient at destroying peoples gardens and being short sighted.
Jenkins: "I love the whole idea of a mole. How incredible!"
Peter: "How so?"
Jenkins: "Just think, it makes a boy of 4ft9" look HUGE"

Mole #1: "I'm a mole"
Farmer: "Should have gone to specsavers"
by Jeffrey Douglas September 8, 2006
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To describe something to be very underground, alternative or condescendently unknown to the general public, usually as a superlative. Slightly synonymous with "cool".

Often used to mock hipsters and elitists alike through parody.
Matt: Dude, have you been to the picture house that opened down the road? They were showing pulp fiction last night.

Dan: Yeah man, it was so mole!
by Mr. Gonzo December 5, 2011
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