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Actually, there is an answer to this statement that is as feared as "you are the father". Though it is a question.
GF: Does this {article of clothing} make me look fat?
BF: Before you ask me, ask yourself, 'Do I feel fat wearing this?' Then, maybe I can give you a better answer!
by IcyHaku December 1, 2004
What you become when you get too many plastic surgeries done. As far as I'm concerned you are an inhuman cyborg at that point.
Dan: Look at that hot chick on the street!
Chester: Yeah. Way beyond a sexy beast. She's gotta be a freakin' robot.
by IcyHaku December 1, 2004
You tend to drive others away in your vanity.
by IcyHaku June 13, 2006
Fuckin' great song by Lastier. And yes, that is how the title is lettered.
I dare you not to be drawn in by is the END's golden repetitiveness!!!
by IcyHaku December 1, 2004
Fuck me forever

When you know it's over with someone, and though the regret you feel tears you apart, this lets them know how you want them to feel about you. Not because you feel the same about them, but there's nothing more you can do.
I can see this is going nowhere. You still have no idea how I feel, but it doesn't matter now. You'd best forget about me... FMF.
by IcyHaku May 22, 2021
A brother of the protagonist Kenshiro from Hokuto no Ken / Fist of the North Star. He is able to kill people while making them feel utmost pleasure. It's really bizarre to see his victims' smiling faces contort right before their deaths. But he usually uses his skills to aid the infirm, especially since he's Kung-Fu Jesus.
Toki would have been the protagonist of Hokuto no Ken, if only the nuclear holocaust didn't cause him to become irradiated. It was a wonder he even survived.
by IcyHaku July 21, 2015
Ya got everything in the city and area. NAS museum has an IMAX, catch some UFOs in Gulf Breeze and go ridin' and shit. There's just to damn much here ta leave behind.

Just stay outa Ferry Pass schools if ya a kid. Shit place to learn I wish I never went to.
The best place ta be. Eric knows what he saying!

Gerald say he gonna stay in Pensacola forever.
by IcyHaku April 21, 2005