A person, usually male, with no game. Not only without game, but uses ridiculous tactics and lines to gain attention. This person usually thinks that they are the
P-I-M-P, but they are absolutely NOT.
Mary: Yikes! That guy is so lame. I wish he would just get out of here.
Jane: I know it. He such a moke.
by Nicholeg May 10, 2006
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an annoying ugly person, a stupid dork. must be ugly.
wow, what a moke.
man, that guy is a moke.
by Ricky G. April 29, 2007
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1. An ugly girl, typically a teenager or young women

2. A term of affection used between guys
Person 1 - "Damn man, check out that moke."
Person 2 - "That's my girlfriend you asshat."
Person 1 - "That's not my fault."

Person 1 - "Howdy mokes."
Person 2 + 3 - "Muertate en un fuego."
by J-Matt October 08, 2008
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This means that something is fine by you if someone asks you to do something for you or you are doing them a favour.
"Can you pass the remote?"
*passes remote control*
by CHARcoal September 04, 2006
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