A driver who clearly has no idea what he/she is doing behind the wheel; someone driving with little or no intelligence, observation skills, and/or regard for other drivers
Drivers who do any or all of the following, can be called mokes:

- Ignoring their turn signals
- Driving in two lanes at once
- Turning left from right-hand lanes, or vice versa
- Changing lanes without looking to see if you're right next to them
- Veering onto an exit ramp at the last possible second
- Shining their high beams into your car from behind
- Driving at or below the speed limit in any lane but the furthest to the right, or in front of you on a two-lane road

"The mokes are out in force on the highway today."

"Turn signal, you moke!"
by Spitfire1525 January 02, 2010
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A special 'jeep' version of the British car the Mini. Open topped with a square body, used in the 60's TV series 'The Prisoner' . Kit build versions are also known as the 'Scamp'. Although they looked cool and like a 4x4 , on the body is differnt from the original Mini, so the chassis is only 2 wheel drive, 10" wheels and the same suspension height making it not very good at being off-road...
'My dads moke looks cool, but it cant go off road, heck! it struggles with small bumps in the road let alone cross country! lol'
by Evil-Ernie June 06, 2003
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A form of broken English that Hawaii residents use on a daily basis formed when The Islands were stolen from the natives and slowly transitioned into a part of the USA
Proper: Hello friend how are your wife and kids?
MOKE: Sawwp ma baddah still slavin it ahh.
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1. n. (native Hawaiian origin) - pig dick
2. n. (Hawaiian slang) - derogatory term indicating classification synonymous to prick
1. That pig has a really small moke.
2. That tourist's turtleneck make him look like a pansy-ass moke.
by deplemisher April 25, 2003
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another word for smoke so insted of sayin smoke a cig you say moke a nig
me: hey wanna moke a nig

Daryn: hell yeah gimme that
by adam3036 November 10, 2008
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MOKES: a group of loud mouth fags that think they can fight...just yelling at each other and doing nothing about it...cant control their alcohol, think they can do whatever they want..yelling where their from when no one gives a shit...and having big stock trucks with bass and acting hard with their shirts off and their all skinny
most kids from Walton New York Mokes
credit goes to xon808
by Derek Staber December 15, 2010
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