Mixing weed with tobacco and then smoking it out of a bong. Another term for mokey and headrockers. You have to snap the whole bowl. This term is used in Marin County, California and all around the Bay Area. The town of Mill Valley, California is a place where everybody smokes mokes and says mokes not headrockers or anything else.
"Dude you wanna smoke some mokes after school today?"

"That moke just made me zone-out for 5 minutes."


The Moke Out Mob from Mill Valley, California are people who represent taking fatty moke bong rips.
by Moke Out Mob December 3, 2009
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Sometimes incorrectly spelled 'moch', a moke is a bowl of mixed tobacco and marijuana, typically in a single snap of the bowl. Known for its intense, concussive high, a moke is a pleasant and cost-effective experience for the experienced stoner.

Moke, as a term, is most commonly heard in Northern California, particularly in the San Francisco bay area and surrounding communities; the act of smoking marijuana mixed in bowls with tobacco goes by many other names as well, including (but not limited to):
-Mocha bowl
-T-rip or T-snap
-Splice bowl
-Spliff bowl (which is just about the worst name ever for a moke)
-Zorb (more correctly the intense headrush a moke produces should be referred to as a 'zorb')

And the act of having a friend make you a thick, delicious brown snapper is called a 'Chef Special'
"Bruh, lets go take some mokes and watch Trailer Park Boys"

"There are two rules when it comes to moking. One, if that moke did not physically hurt to take, do it over again until it does. Second, if you ask a friend to make you a small moke, by law he must now make you a fat moke"

Moker #1 "One chef special on the house, please"
Moker #2 "Coming right up, sir"

"Let me take a Brownt Olympus first, then lets go watch the movie"

Person #1 "Hey man do you guys smoke splice bowls out of that bong?"
Person #2 "We smoke mokes here boy, you must smoke cock"

"I saw that one dude with the long hair smoke a moke out of a fuckin steamroller. That's fucking heinous"
by Mokealiño June 29, 2015
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A mixture of Weed and Tobacco (preferably American Spirit Turquoise) in a Bong which gets a person "Rocked" or "Domed" which is bomb
Nate asked James "hey dude do you want a Moke you'll get rocked!"
by Mokemendez December 31, 2016
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pidgeon (hawaiian slang) for the equillivant of a red neck. Speaks pidgeon, walks around in brokken slippahs, has a beer belly, probablly lives in a tent city by the beach. Drinks beer, sings burping songs, and has eleventeen children by different mothers, some could be his cousins or sister or BOTH?
Moke: Eh where all da kidz went? Dis place is one mess! Make em clean em up shoot! We not some Some red neck living in da stich brah! Where my beer went? No more? I going get samoa!

English translated: Where did all the kids go? This place is a mess! Please get them to clean it up. We're not some MOKE living in a tent city! Where is my beer? We dont have any more? Well then I will go and get some more!
by aimlesswander April 3, 2007
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Moke; (mōk); verb

the act (and art) of sitting around doing nothing.
"since we were on the clock we decided to moke around and soak up some hours."

also used as a noun: moker

Kurt: "those city workers have been mokin' on this street for two months."

Ryan: "what a bunch of mokers."
by Dirty danchez June 29, 2009
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A form of broken English that Hawaii residents use on a daily basis formed when The Islands were stolen from the natives and slowly transitioned into a part of the USA
Proper: Hello friend how are your wife and kids?
MOKE: Sawwp ma baddah still slavin it ahh.
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A person, usually male, with no game. Not only without game, but uses ridiculous tactics and lines to gain attention. This person usually thinks that they are the
P-I-M-P, but they are absolutely NOT.
Mary: Yikes! That guy is so lame. I wish he would just get out of here.
Jane: I know it. He such a moke.
by Nicholeg May 10, 2006
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