1.owned; loosing; getting smoked(beaten;
2.also refers to lower that someone else
1.a)Two men are play darts, the guy loosing says "I'm getting moked." Rfering to being beaten or owned
b)someone wipes out when surfing, they just got moked by the wave, or owned by the wave
2.In a gang a newbee is lower than someone who was in for two years so he is a moke
by Anjslkdkd December 29, 2005
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1) extremely high after taking a moke (50/50 weed & tobacco bowl taken in one rip; also known as a moki or mole bowl)
2) super stoned and/or tired after a long day of moke-ing
Dude I was so moked last night.
Did you bring your bong? I'm tryna get moked.
I am fucking moked out bro.
by Bob McWetterson September 11, 2011
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adjective, 1) unnecessarily sliding a motorcycle (preferably belonging to someone else but not always) across the pavement while flopping along side it like a rag doll in a washing machine.
Dude, you moked bad on that ice!
by Davey Dog July 24, 2012
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