When Guido fell behind his payment schedule the loan sharks sent over the mokes for a tune-up.
by Anton Chigurh January 08, 2009
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(As a noun)- A Mario joke.
(As a verb)- The act of making a Mario joke.
Mario mokes.

Mokes make me pee my pants.

To moke is only for the most of hilarious of individuals.

If Mario keeps moking, I think I'll cry.
by Mari-yo-yo December 10, 2010
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A backhand slap directed towards male reproductive organs. Usually found amongst gatherings of teen boys.
omg I just gave George a moke that made him cry.
by The_Deej February 12, 2009
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Mokes: man-jokes. Mokes is said by a male to a group or another individual when they find something funny and realise it is not something women would normally find funny. Mokes originated from excessive video game playing of Pro Evo and Skate demos for the PS3 and hanging out with 'dave the mentalist cat' from Norwich. CFandWS
E.g. person farts and then procliams "mokes" to those around him. Examples of situations that may preceed the word 'mokes' are farting, burping, references to video games details, sporting references, acting like a bit of an idiot.
by SwanSong2010 April 25, 2010
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Poor quality Cocaine that is mixed with powdered Methamphetamine to attain a stronger high. There is an obvious degradation in quality but the price stays the same as it is usually sold on the streets.
Friend 1: I don't know about this gram man...my nose is already bleeding and feels like it's on fire.
Friend 2: Yeah, I think he sold us some Moke cuz' I'm already itching and grinding my teeth.
by Boytigra October 22, 2008
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1. someone who cant ever do anything right; loser, idiot, dumbass 2. a word you can call your teachers without getting in trouble

derives from the word: jamoke
The moke failed again
by Michael Scaern April 18, 2009
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