How people jokingly call marijuana aka cannabis

pronunciation marriage u wanna
"you smokin dat marijuanna?"
by MetallicSquid February 18, 2016
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The use of marijuanna in lieu of a substance over which one has lost complete control.
A distinction must be made between this and actual recovery.
That Jason dude is turning into a complete pot-head.

Ya, well at least he ain't a crack-head no more. He's doing marijuanna maintainance.

Oh pleeeze! Only marijuanna maintainance he's doing is his fuckin' grow op. I cannot wait to see his tawdry ass get busted.
by b-ball April 21, 2007
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Marijuanna will always be by your side and make you feel good. She can battle you in drinks unless you give her wine. She is so logical and can give good advice. Marijuanna is such a goofy ! She is an e-girl looking like a grandma and sometimes like a fifteen year old kid with glasses. She desperately wants a puppy but her forever roommate ( her mum ) won't let her. Go for a Marijuanna, she is a must!
Neighbor 1 : Who is that granny in the second floor ?
Neighbor 2 : She is my daughter acting like a Marijuanna.
by Marsalpem November 21, 2021
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