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A girl that a man calls irregularly, whenever it is convienient for him. A girl that a man feels that he can call, stop calling and then start calling whenever he feels like it. She is someone who is there for a booty call or to chill when a man is bored or between girlfriends. He HOLLAS back at her and she responds by being there for him and accepting whatever she can get from him.
A man gets a woman's number, they go out a couple of times have sex, and then he stops calling her. He then calls her a month later for a booty call, and they have sex that night. He calls her 2 months after that, and she accepts his lame excuse for not calling, and they get together again. The man takes advantage of the fact that this woman likes him, and will happily accept his irregular calls. He identifies this woman as a holla back girl that he can holla back at whenever he is in her area, bored or horny.
by Tasi June 05, 2006

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people that talk pidgeon and are from hawaii.
Eh brah get dakine? Ho killahz ah. Cheeeheeee Pono!
by Tasi August 12, 2003

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