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Most often described as; history of the God's or greatest History too ever exist. Studies partaken by world renowned scientists have clinically proven that studying Modern History leads to an increased sized genital although studies have also shown that you must already have an 8 inch penis to be doing the subject in the first place whereas in ancient history you are not allowed to have a penis so you can understand how the ancient civilizations felt, eg Sparta, An alarming rate of homosexuality is also shown among Students studying ancient history but studies have not yet proven whether these are natural tendencies or forced upon by the study of the subject. The Department of Education is lobbying to replace English as the only compulsory subject in Year 12 and make it Modern History as there is the belief that Modern History shaped how we live today, our whole society and cultural beliefs, thus there is nothing more important to study. God himslef once stated in a rare appearance that without modern history the world would be no more as he would cap the worlds ass as there would be nothing left to live for.
john:Hey look at that handsome looking kid over there.
jack:Yeah he is the school captain, gets all the ladies and is averaging 99.999999 in all his tests!
john:Oh he must do Modern History?
jack:He sure does, he does 5 units of it.
john:oh! Isn't that impossible?
jack:Nothing is impossible with Modern History!
by Dr. Einstein June 10, 2008
Someone who does heads. They have many head doing traits. Similar to word loser.
Shannon is a mokes. She is annoying
by Dr. Einstein July 4, 2008
Can simply be described as the History chosen for deadshit losers. It has nothing to do with modern society so The Department of Education have developed a move to ban it from high school due to its irrelevance. Students are being pushed to take up as many units of Modern History as possible. Popular kids at school are asking for a fifth unit of Modern History to be introduced due to number of suicides that have been happening during Ancient History class time. Although studies show that the kids who have committed suicide were unloved and often had rare deformities of the face/genitals(tiny sized scrotums apparent in males and Ingrown penises in females) so some kids have pushed to keep Ancient History as it kills all the filthy mingas and unpopular boys.
That kid is fat, friendless and eating wheat.. He must do Ancient History

Miss Davies boobs represent Ancient History, thats how you know Ancient History is filthy!
by Dr. Einstein June 10, 2008