1 » to defeat somebody really harsh in something
2 » to beat you up really bad

Ref : https :// www. usingenglish.com/forum/threads/191818-quot-I-m-going-to-smoke-you-quot
//Rap Battle Begins\\

Opponent Rapper : “ I'm gonna *smoke you* tonight”
by KODS March 4, 2021
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To confirm with antoher individual and (or) animal that it will be ass-beaten in a short time.
Dan: Hey bitch
Samsung: Smoke yous biotch.
by Cali4niaBreez September 25, 2005
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Coming from the futuristic movie, The Fifth Element, "Smoke you" is used to dismiss another person in a harsh, but not vulgar manner.
No, bitch. Smoke you!
by kingkrab January 12, 2005
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letting a friend or someone smoke your weed with you for free
Milo - "heyyy man got any money for bud?"
Jenner- "nahh man"
Milo-"thats okay, i'll smoke you up"
by powerranja April 4, 2009
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If someone says “let me smoke you out.” That means they want to smoke weed with you UNTIL YOU ARE HIGH.
“Hey King, want me to smoke you out?”

“When have I ever said no?”
by AYT October 4, 2021
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Usually a generous offer to provide someone with smoke-able drugs as to be enjoyed together. Similar to the way that someone might say “come over for dinner.” It implies that the person saying it, will be the “host” by providing “party favors” (in this case smoke-able drugs) to the guest, or the person they’re telling that too
Joe: “Hey Jack, wanna come over? I’ll smoke you out ‘cause you’re cool af”
Jack: “Ah man, thanks! I’m down to go smoke you you”
by AppleJoeAJ March 22, 2021
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The definition of "Smoke you out" is to get a person completely blitzed on weed for a very long time.
Example: If a girl named Melissa said to a boy named Todd, Hey come work with me for four days and I will smoke you out. To accomplish this Melissa would have to get Todd high on weed for the full four days. If said girl only gives Todd one tiny roach on the first day this is "not smoking you out".
by Someone not named Todd June 24, 2013
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