acting in a manner that is retarded; doing something while showing qualities that are associated with having a mental disease.
After Kelly fell on the ground, she retardedly tripped over a curb.
by Anna March 16, 2005
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The act of performing something in a retarded or idiot like way.
Did you see john? He was dancing retardedly.
by Robert CN November 21, 2006
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Trevor is retardedly good at bmx freestyle.

The Leafs are playing retardedly bad this season.
by J-kizzle July 28, 2008
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An act of being a cunt to someone and thinking they will automatically run back to said person after being dropped
Madison was retardedly being a retard towards her BestFriend
by Johnathonpoopedinmypants May 14, 2019
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To posses the same retard power you remembered watching the retarded retard in grammar school had. He would fight 3 adults in such a manner, one would wonder where this unknown power came from. Likewise, its gaining this power from hitting the gym hard.
Nate: Hey dude, wanna go grab some burgers?
Jay: Naw kid, I'm busy getting that retard strength.

Nate: you been gettin retardedly strong lately.
by #1ABF April 5, 2020
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Something that is incredibly stupid or ridiculous as a concept but is also extremely awesome.
Mr. Ghosn: Did you know a Bugatti Veyron has 1000 hp?

Mr. Jones: That's retarded. Who needs 1000 hp in a car? No wait. . . . That's awesome. It's retardedly awesome!
by chaofun September 24, 2010
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The act of holding so much attraction, that the pursuer goes dumb/retarded.
Joni was so retardedly attractive, that I forgot my name and went dumb.
by Badgirljojo September 29, 2014
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