Moine is the french translation of the word Monk, often used as a name and rarely used to describe somebody.

when used to describe somebody; moine is often a reference to some trait that a monk would posses. (patience, silence, bald, ect.)
wow... that guy is awful moine.
by Moine July 09, 2009
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Moin is a Frisian language greeting from East Frisia, the eastern Netherlands, North Frisia and Flensburg, meaning hello.
The word derives from the Frisian word mooi, meaning beautiful. The first moin is different from the second, it is mooi (frisian=good, beautiful), the second moin, also morn means "day" in Frisian language. Similar forms in Low saxon are mooien Dag, mooien Abend, mooien Mor(g)en. Moin is semantically equivalent to the low saxon greeting Tag. and replaced it in many areas Therefore, Moin can be used 24 hours a day. The duplication Moin Moin is used as emphasis and for a more polite form as well. In Southern Jutish, Moin is used for hello and good bye, but Moin Moin is solely used for good bye. Moin moin literally means "(Have a) good day".
Normally "Moin" is the same as "good". If you meet a person ask "good? (Moin!)" and the answer is "good!good! (Moin! Moin!)"
People in more southern parts of Germany often mistakenly assume that Moin is a short from of Morgen (meaning "morning") and should be used like "good morning".
by tewm June 05, 2005
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6056/Aboriginal dialect implying sexual intercourse
Yeeah buddy she liked my status, I'm getting moins packed tonight!
by 16nPregz December 12, 2011
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The action of fiercely penetrating the whole of your cock with your pinky finger.
I’ve been a bad boy; I deserve a moin
by Joseph mama 69 November 27, 2019
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the guy in most cases that can lure basically anyone in with his charm and individuality. Moin's normally are some of the most outspoken people but when you get to know them you'll realize they kick ass at everything they do. He gets pissed really easily. Pretty smart but if he doesn't nail his grade he is mad If you find Moin become close to them but make sure not to throw them off guard because they know they are liked therefore they won't put up with people who can't fully appreciate their being. Moin's are often times the most guarded but I guarantee when you get to know them you'll be glad you went through the hassle of getting to one. he is a good wingman
He is such an owl. What Moin!
by Shifobifo February 20, 2019
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moin means love in another language mixed with english
i moin you
my moin
i moin seema
by "jennifer" January 22, 2007
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