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Moin is a Frisian language greeting from East Frisia, the eastern Netherlands, North Frisia and Flensburg, meaning hello.
The word derives from the Frisian word mooi, meaning beautiful. The first moin is different from the second, it is mooi (frisian=good, beautiful), the second moin, also morn means "day" in Frisian language. Similar forms in Low saxon are mooien Dag, mooien Abend, mooien Mor(g)en. Moin is semantically equivalent to the low saxon greeting Tag. and replaced it in many areas Therefore, Moin can be used 24 hours a day. The duplication Moin Moin is used as emphasis and for a more polite form as well. In Southern Jutish, Moin is used for hello and good bye, but Moin Moin is solely used for good bye. Moin moin literally means "(Have a) good day".
Normally "Moin" is the same as "good". If you meet a person ask "good? (Moin!)" and the answer is "good!good! (Moin! Moin!)"
People in more southern parts of Germany often mistakenly assume that Moin is a short from of Morgen (meaning "morning") and should be used like "good morning".
by tewm June 05, 2005
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The best of the best.

Ability to bench over 50kg with ease.

Ability to drive any car at high speed, without the need of a license.
Ability to accumulate over 10 Million Pounds, in under a week.
Ability to override any laws, thus able to break the law.
Ability to be related to everyone and anyone famous.
Yo dude look at the moin unleash his rage in that GYM. He totally fucking Moined the place
by BENCHEDMOIN January 07, 2010
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moin means love in another language mixed with english
i moin you
my moin
i moin seema
by "jennifer" January 22, 2007
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