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MillyWhiffer: A man who sniffs young girls bicycle seats.
Origin: Unknown
Jerome was caught sniffing little Susie's bicycle seat, and arrested on charges of being a Millywhiffer.
by Roget July 04, 2004

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Money. That's all, just another word for money.
I'd hit the bars with you if I had the moins.
by Roget January 11, 2004

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Another word for "taint" or "chode." The area between your asshole and your nutsack.
I need to go shave my grimp. Your moms is comin' over tonight!
by Roget August 15, 2009

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A black person who wishes to be white. A black honky. Antonym of Wigger.
JC Watts is a blonky.
by Roget October 07, 2003

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