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To trick and/or persuade a person to go on web-cam and spread screenshots of what was done on said web-cam. this is usually something embarrassing such as flashing, singing, or something else worth laughing at.
''really? what happend?''
''long story, heres the pics.''
by Moine August 05, 2009
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Moine is the french translation of the word Monk, often used as a name and rarely used to describe somebody.

when used to describe somebody; moine is often a reference to some trait that a monk would posses. (patience, silence, bald, ect.)
wow... that guy is awful moine.
by Moine July 09, 2009
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when somebody has both the properties of being brave and cute, this phrase is used to describe them.
that guy is such a Bravemuffin <3
by Moine July 28, 2010
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