Every 7th grader at school bc they think it makes them look cool/funny
7th grader 1: *Moans *
All the other 7th graders: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH SO FUNNY.
Me: ..
by Mr.Black.nigg March 12, 2021
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When he fucked her she moaned: Uhhh,,, oooohhhh oh! OH! Ugh uughhhhh YEEEESS.....!
by HARDERONICHAN~ March 18, 2018
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what i’m doimg rn baby
oooh fuck yes right there baby, i’m so close oh goooood”

Guy: “I got her moaning so loud last night bro”
by moaningbabe2.0 November 12, 2017
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A typically high pitched sound coming from a bottom (typically female, although sometimes male)

Ex: "Oh fuck daddy! Yessss."
"She moaned so hard last night when I pounded her last Saturday."
by Daddy'sSmolBadBoi September 18, 2018
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The sound a girl makes when she’s being pleasured by her daddy
Daddy’s slut: *Moan* OHHHH DADDY! FUCK *moan* YOUR DICK INTO ME HARDER!* loud moan* It feels soooooooooo GOOooODDDDd whennn you fuck me like that!!!! *Moan*
by DARKER MATTER April 20, 2019
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When your girlfriend makes a noise during sex.
male: agggggghhhh
Girl: uuuuuuhhhhh (moan)
by srm drrd March 27, 2019
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