Coming from a current 7th grader

It fucking sucks
So, imma divide by boys and girls sorry non binary

they love that sweet sweet gossip and drama, and most of them are vsco girls, k-pop fan girls, trying-to-be-ghetto girls, actual-ghetto girls, the magnet, orchestra asian girls (there’s surprisingly a lot of them at my school), uwu-y, and the ones who lost their virginity. The less common ones are the emos/goths, memey, athletics, preppy, and the NORMAL ones. I am a girl myself and we fight alot and 9/10, they stay at war with each other and never become friends and ruin each other’s lives by rumors/gossip. basically it’s shit. and the 8th/7th grader dudes always wanna bang u.

Boys: they’re too prev honestly (most of them, not all). they always talk about jerking off and boners and sex, etc. i’m friends with some of these boys and they never want to do that with me (so whew). they can be memey, but the dank ones. then there’s the gangster/ghetto ones. they’re the ones who actually fuck girls in school and leave around the used condoms everywhere. nasty actually. and they always act all hood and stuff. then there are the nerds/magnet. they’re WAY less disgusting and they honestly have no interest in sex, just school (yay :D). then the weird ones. they never shut up and they talk about usually concering stuff. the normal ones are slim to none of just existing. but atleast when they fight, they make up with each other in 5 min or less

so yeah, 7th graders kinda suck
i don’t really have an example, sorry, im not good at explaining shit. don’t wanna confuse u guys
7th grader: omg drama is so cool
by lame_wannabe_emo_here September 23, 2019
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This is coming from a current 7th grader.

A lot of them give us a bad name. They can't spell, they think they can DATE in 7th grade (Some think they're in LOVE. How funny is that?), and their Myspaces are cluttered with Glitter Graphics. A LOT of the guys are immature. All they do is make sexual jokes and say "That's what she said." Some think they're emo. Some will be wanna-be scene kids next year. (Judging by all the 8th graders.)

I'm nothing like that. I'm in 7th grade, and I like George Michael and Tom Jones. I do not dress like a slut and I don't think I'm superior to anybody. I'm not obnoxious.

The rest are just normal 7th graders. You can't really write a definition for '7th grader' because they're all different.
This is a 7th grader's Facebook status. She's from my school.

"stayed up all night talkinn' to himm. he isz my liyyfe now (:"

Next day: (No, I'm serious, the NEXT day.)

"I'm tired of thisz bullshit! I'm single, and staying that way! (:"

The next week she had a new boyfriend, and she broke up with him a day later and called him a fag.
by No Jacket Required January 27, 2010
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(this is coming from a current 7th grader)
A dumbass child who starts to learn about life. Mostly boys have this tendency tho pre 7th graders are anxious to go to 7th grade but, turns out theres nothing that special ab it, its just 6th grade but harder. There isnt as big of dramas except crushes and that sort of bs. Girls start wearing mascara but they look like young prostitutes (thank god im not one of them) and or eyeliner in addition to this they wear crop tops i hate it so much. Another big change is that boys start to interact with girls, before 7th grade both genders stayed as far away from eachother now they come closer and closer each day. Dont believe what all the videos tell you about 7th grade because nothing much happens here.
Oh look at that 7th grader with all that make up.
by no one likes canada November 5, 2018
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The most normal grade in Middle School. Considering after summer break, they have to go through another year in Middle School, most seem to be less immature and more casual, but there ARE still some immature 6th graders disguised as 7th graders. From my view to all grades (6th, 7th, 8th) it would be
6th grade: Most obnoxious
7th grade: most stuck up
8th: grade: try hards
8th grader: look! A 7th grader!
2nd 8th grader: Hah! He must so stupid comared to us!
6th grader: EWWW YOU'RE UGLY
7th grader: these 6th and 8th graders are starting to get on my nerves...
by NoOOBOODYYDY January 20, 2017
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Alright this is coming from a legit 7th grader in the year 2021 so listen up
(FYI I’m a dude)
Not a lot of people think we’re immature and sloppy and trying to date people and can I just say....
like I see all these kids who are reading books during lunch and liking “James Brown” (check 1st definition) and thinking there all proper and stuff but As the youngest of 5, I can tell you your gonna be sad and depressed when you grow up. BE A KID ITS YOUR ONLY (and pretty close to) YOUR LAST CHANCE! Now I would never graffiti the bathroom or anything I’m just saying be social and have fun! I followed this and now I have a girlfriend! And yes I do find deez nuts jokes funny like just embrace it. And to all the adults reading this. You can still have fun! Just be you :)
Katie was acting like she was to smart for everything when she was a 7th grader and now she’s at kohl’s trying to find a Christmas sweater for her dog.
by Let’s go sharks! November 13, 2021
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A student of the 7th grade. They are students after 6th grade and before 8th grade. 7th graders think they're much more mature then they were in 6th grade, and think they're more mature then any other grade. 7th graders think they're better than 8th graders and everyone older then them, but are actually not. Try to follow into the steps of immature 8th grader, only then crashing down in High School.
8th grader: That little 7th grader annoys the shit out of me!
by Jzjzjzjzjz May 30, 2008
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A little kid who acts too old for the age and is really a child. They are 11-13 years old and school is easy 4 them
Gosh, I wish I could be a 7th grader again!
by Children & teen worker September 3, 2019
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