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Soft is many things. It's a feeling, and an adjective.

What is Soft as a feeling? It's like love, but the kind of love that makes you simply... soft. You want to stay up with your someone, you want to simply cherish them. You feel bubbly and happy and safe. You feel Soft.

As an adjective? Well, Soft is also a texture, but people can be soft. If someone is soft, they make you safe. You light up when you see their notification, their avatar excites you. They are never mean, and you trust them.
Person 1: God, I'm so soft for (person)
Person 2: oh?

Person 1: You're so soft~
Person 2: oh shit ok <3
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by celsivic February 07, 2018
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A person who is very loving, kind and pure.
1. Wow, Dorothy is so soft! She is so nice!
2. Jack is so soft, he is such a loving person. <3
by Pixel_Wolf October 07, 2017
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To be un-tough or show a little too much heart for things.
Kevin, Curtis, and Timmy all are soft when it comes to going into the corners or when it comes to wheeling.
by Wheelssssss June 15, 2010
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Describing a state of internal sensitivity. A person may not appear soft from the outside, but observation over time has a way of giving away clues. A soft person usually tries to get under people's skin before anybody can find out who's getting under their skin.
Gary often shocked people with his language and the subjects he talked about made people think the guy was balls to the wall about everything, every day. Really though Gary is softhearted deep down, and tends to think the rest of the world feels his pain, even when most people are feeling no pain. He asked them all how does it feel and nobody really knew what to say because they really didn't know how it felt.
by Singleasaneel August 08, 2016
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This guy, Brandon. He's the softest thing you've ever seen. Softer than soft.
You're so soft Brandon.
by Tree0999 February 23, 2015
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a girl that is so cute that it makes you melt inside

usually of asian descent
*cute girl walks by*

person 1: "yo that girl is so softttt"
person 2: "damn straight"
by thatonekidincali April 22, 2013
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Used in reference to the phrase: hard times, this is the opposite, thus good or great or awesome things are soft
The party last night was SOFT!

The keg arrived! SOFT!
by the arbitro September 12, 2011
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