those yellow niggas you see 40 year old moms sharing
mom:"golly those minions sure are funny"
by doodle guy July 25, 2018
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The most annoying un loving cancerous yellow piece of shits that you will ever lay your eyes upon. Their company keeps bringing them back based on their children fan base, but every time they come back they get even worse and worse. They are all over social media, people either think they are cute or the straight thinking normal ones thinks they are a fucking embarrassment. Now There are different kinds, there's a normal sized one that can either have one or two eyes that still looks like a piece of shit, there a long yellow penis looking ass, and there's a short fat ass. These fucking overall wearing, sponge bob penis looking, four eyed, dumb ass, little bitch, annoying one eyed ass hats are a disgrace of American society and the entire reputation of the human race.
Look at those yellow fuckers. Those minions make me sick.
by Iamsecretlyagerbil April 13, 2016
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little yellow shits that go around yelling banana and other shit u cant understand.
John: Hey Mike did u see the minions movie? It was awesome!
Mike: You got five seconds before i pour bleach on your mouth.
by MaliciousFloppy August 27, 2015
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Yellow butt plug/tic tac abominations that blled gasoline and heroin
Mac: "Liam's addicted to Minions! He needs help!"
Liam "Those abominations are the only thing that let me feel anymore"
Stacy: "Oh God Why???!?!?!? *sob*"
by your_real_name__ February 14, 2016
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A yellow 2 or 1 eyed creature controled by gru
Badoy hmm badoy ohhhh badoy! Said the minions.
via giphy
by Mr.GoldyPants October 23, 2016
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Yellow dildos meant to be shoved up asses. Meant for porn but had a technical difficulty and was switched to a movie series. Rated X
Guy 1: "uhhh this minion"
Guy 2: "HARDER"
by ainm cleite October 31, 2016
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The talking corn kernels from the Despicable Me franchise who make kids laugh, but anyone over the age of 13 want to die in their presence. They have exploded so much through greedy cash grabbing and sponsors such as McDonalds that they have gotten the attention of some very bad corners of the internet, such as Rule 34. Minions are now just one of the few cancers hell bent on destroying the internet community as we know it. There are groups who are opposing this imminent demise, such as the r/minionhate subreddit.
by Th3rd July 12, 2015
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