beady eyed little yellow niggas
Tom: I just watched minions last night

Hugh: Ew
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by King Buggy XIII January 04, 2019
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a small yellow guy from Despicable Me that works for Gru and wears overalls
"Damn son, the Minion in this scene of Despicable Me 2 is sexy as fuck!!!"
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by purpleminionssmd September 11, 2020
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The unholy spawn of Satan and middle-aged moms on Facebook, they have slowly torn apart this world piece-by-piece in an effort to make this realm their own.
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by Aztryx January 02, 2021
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Horrible yellow pill-shaped creatures from despicable me that have taken over the internet and will soon take over the world

They talk in their own satanic language on how to take over our minds when we're not watching
"Hey bill, did you know that minions are the cutest things ever!"
by Netherdwells July 20, 2015
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1. Small yellow beings as seen in Despicable Me, who talk in a language similar to Spanish and wear blue dungarees, with names such as Dave, Stewart and Kevin
2. Person with a height unnaturally below the average for their age/weight, who may or may not be evil (see 'evil minion')
1. Person 1 (watching despicable me)- aww look at that little minion!

Person 2: Yeah, his name's Dave.

2. Person 1: Omg, you're so small!

Person 2: Yeah, you're a minion!
by A. Girl May 18, 2013
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Minions are bootylicious yellow cylinders that roam the Earth searching for their next master. They are also known for being thicc af. Their origin is still unknown to scientists. It can also mean someone has an appearance similar to a minion.
Bruh, Isaac looks like a minion.
by scootmaster July 20, 2016
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