When your condom breaks
-5 years ago
-Having sex-
-Condom breaks
Woman: what was that honey?
Man: um.. Nothing
Man: Oh God Why
by skosidhjfr September 5, 2016
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The thing I yelled when I realised I had run out of cheese
*Notices absence of modified, solidified, glorified pieces of milk*
"...Oh God WHY"
by Agent NHR June 9, 2021
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a meme used in rage comics to define a memory of something stupid you did.
see Rage Comic
4 years ago: as a 7 year old kid you got naked in your class and asked for sex because you saw your parents say and do it.
4 years later:Oh god, Why? I'm a idiot
from a Rage Comic stupidity dumbass rage dumb
by cocothecat11 January 1, 2012
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