the most non-obvious soul mate. you've known him your whole life but never realized how hot hes become. and when you finally come around hes already there, waiting to love you. he will become one of your best friends. the kind of friend that you can go so long without seeing but its like you were never apart. you just want to make him yours before someone else does. he loves to the fullest. and he has awesome hair.
girl: Liam is my soul mate

best friend: you havent seen him in like six months
by this is my real name March 31, 2013
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a guy that loves anything marvel, and would fuck anything and everything
guy 1: see that liam guy?
guy 2: yeah, i think he fucks his pillow
by Purplish_bluE March 9, 2022
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To be simaltaneously drunk and stoned, also known as "fucked"
Wow man, Liam was so Liamed last night
by shtan shtan shtan June 29, 2011
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Liam is a very loving and nice person who will always comfort you when your sad and he always has your back and is probably gonna be one of the most amazing and loyal people you will ever meet he can be very violet at times but that’s only when you get on his bad side he does have some drama problems but you’ll get used to them and he can always assure you that he will keep you safe and he will never try to hurt you in anyway way
Oh hey it’s Liam let’s go say hi
by Feradshw February 25, 2019
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liam is great, sexy, hot, hot oh and did I mention, hot? probs wants to get pegged, obviously watches hentai, overall, very cool human being, relatable, and fucking great, also a great kisser and good in bed, damn I want a slice of liam.
I would love to suck liams soul out bro!!
me to!
by markiplieryumyum March 16, 2021
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The hottest and most sexiest guy out there. Also very nice and sweet. To the girl that has a liam, your probably going to last a long time because he is the sweetest yet hottest guy with an amazing body, lucky!
by asdfghjklzxcvbnm12 October 12, 2011
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