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A French girls name. Usually a pretty female would be named Minette. In France Minette would be very sensual, seduction techniques would be used by Minette. Minette meaning pretty.
Minette is a tricky one, always have one eye open. Men flock to get her attention, a tease.

by mimee May 12, 2014
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This girl is style personified. Sweet as candy. Clever, cool, collected & classic all rolled in one. She is an all rounder, a best friend, brilliant, a ball of energy & a gentle breeze. She is easy to connect with & mind shattering in her wisedom. EVERYTHING she does is perfect. She dresses for success. Life does not phase a Minette. What a rock! She hurts herself in her lack of trust in her abilities and confidence. She doesn't see her own greatness. A Minette is like a beautiful bird in your life, she brings a smile and freedom. She's a shoulder & a listening ear. Minette is the best mom ever, creative, a solution finder, the best cook. From her intriguing, pixie cute looks and deep eyes to her love for song & dance, a Minette will win your heart & fill your life with joy. What a precious & rare gift to have this girl in your world. She makes you look at everyone in a brighter way. A true gem. Nothing you ask, is ever too much. This girl also punishes a bottle of wine like an Olympic Champ. Minette makes life worth living. Find a Minette-keep her!!!
"This warm sunshine is a Minette feeling today!"

Jade say: she had a Minette moment of clarity today.

"Aaaahhhh! After that spa day, I feel so Minette"
by The Noogie June 27, 2019
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someone with unrivaled beauty, cuteness, talent and intelligence
by peson76 September 06, 2020
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The act of packing up all your shit and leaving regardless of marital status or work contracts is known as a Minette.
I can believe Andy pulled a minette

Tonight is Thomas' going away party, he pulled a minette, left his job and girlfriend last night.
by Defspes December 26, 2019
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A Stubborn bitch who thinks she’s in the right but always in the wrong. She thinks she’s more superior but instead she’s more of a demon. Nice in the outside but a fucking bitch in the inside.
“I am a minette, a dumbass invention and functionally brain dead
by UrMxm June 18, 2020
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