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Simply the most beautiful and greatest girls on this planet.
- Man, that French girl, she's so awesome dude.
- I know, she's french Man! French girls are cooL.
by celiagod January 31, 2009
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1) Classy, exotic girls who give good head to their love.

2) A woman who is thrilled by a man who she knows is cold toward her.
He was fat, but she was french. They were the type of thing you couldn't duplicate. A certain, "I don't know what."
by of the unknown August 09, 2005
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Wayyyyy Better than Italians ....the best girls in the world
Dude those girls are so perfect

Yea they must me French girls and definitely not Italian.
by Joey jonas June 07, 2018
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A girl that is quite natural with her body hair, regardless of her nationality.
Patrick was mortified when he took off the girls sweater. Not only was she not a natural blonde, she had more hair in her underarm. He did not tell his friends that the girl he thought was German was actually a French girl.
by Boonlike February 24, 2010
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