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A matriarch. I woman of substance that knows how to sweat blood to survive. Easily manipulated due to her good and caring nature. This lady can socialize with anyone. She is the life-line of her family and a protector. She always has time to listen, and is a shoulder to cry on. Although emotionally confined, she dreams big and enriches herself with whatever resources are available. Always willing to embark on an adventure and push through her boundaries. This undaunted gal is blind to limits and carries the world bravely on her shoulders. Life does not get her down. She's a homemaker and excels at crafts. A sturdy, headstrong, and unrelenting person. Resourceful at every opportunity and a fighter, Denise never ceases to amaze. Easy to call friend with a heart of pure gold. Earthy materials do not matter to a Denise, kindness and gratitude are her rewards. This is a peace loving soul who wishes well on all. Keep her close, she's a great companion.
If all the world could know a Denise, how perfect life would be
by The Noogie June 27, 2019

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This girl is style personified. Sweet as candy. Clever, cool, collected & classic all rolled in one. She is an all rounder, a best friend, brilliant, a ball of energy & a gentle breeze. She is easy to connect with & mind shattering in her wisedom. EVERYTHING she does is perfect. She dresses for success. Life does not phase a Minette. What a rock! She hurts herself in her lack of trust in her abilities and confidence. She doesn't see her own greatness. A Minette is like a beautiful bird in your life, she brings a smile and freedom. She's a shoulder & a listening ear. Minette is the best mom ever, creative, a solution finder, the best cook. From her intriguing, pixie cute looks and deep eyes to her love for song & dance, a Minette will win your heart & fill your life with joy. What a precious & rare gift to have this girl in your world. She makes you look at everyone in a brighter way. A true gem. Nothing you ask, is ever too much. This girl also punishes a bottle of wine like an Olympic Champ. Minette makes life worth living. Find a Minette-keep her!!!
"This warm sunshine is a Minette feeling today!"

Jade say: she had a Minette moment of clarity today.

"Aaaahhhh! After that spa day, I feel so Minette"
by The Noogie June 27, 2019

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A girl that is unique on her uniqueness. Really pretty, elfishly cheeky, cocky, crazy, cute and clever. She will blow your mind with her quick wit & sharp wise & insightful tongue. Quick to compliment& easy to get hurt. This girl exudes confidence, she rocks her shit. Noranne will defend what she believes in & fight to the end for those she loves. Noranne is the definition of loyalty. Every1 deserves a 2nd chance, but screw that up with her- & u cease 2 exist. A mysterious, multi-faceted woman. Adapts to many situations & has different friends. She's a great mother, best friend, inspirational. A fighter & lover. A goddess & warrior. A chic for smiles, adventures, deep talks & interesting moments. If you ever meet a Noranne, hold on tight, you're in for the ride of your life.
Everyone should be Noranne'd in loyalty
I was given a Noranne pearl of advice today
by The Noogie June 25, 2019

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Brilliant word. South African based. Literally translates to "yes no". Is great in many instances. It can be a conversation filled.

Used to fill pregnant pauses.
Portrays a sense of indifference.
Also if you're not sure if you COMPLETELY agree or disagree with someone.

Its friendly and non-committal.

Sorta strange so you can end statements with it.
Hows this odd weather? Ja Nee
So the current political situation.... ja nee
I heard Molly might be preggers. Answer: ja nee
Interesting people here right? Ja nee
by The Noogie June 25, 2019

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When something or someone is just a pain in the ass and too much effort. They spoil the eblvent meeting. Or the combined effort I'd just to exhausting.
Let's go cycling today? No it's a fucking schlepp up that mountain.
Should we invite James to party with us,? No, hes suck n schlepp, he drags the fun outa EVERYTHING.
by The Noogie June 25, 2019

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A Paul is an instant eye catcher. Usually shy and reserved until he's found his comfort zone. When he let's his hair down, he partys hard and his laugh is catchy. This introvert takes a bit of peer pressure to get going, but full of smiles and kindness. Not an ardent drinker and a clean cut guy, he is willing to push limits, try harder, go faster, take the bull by the horns. He makes people laugh with his jokes. He is hard to get to know until the walls are down. A Paul is loyal, a gentle warrior for those he loves and puts family and friends first. He is a hard worker, any Company's asset. A creative man with a heart of gold. He has an eye for beauty. A Paul only wants the best for everyone. Paul is a life-long mate. He takes friendships seriously. This guy is gorgeous in EVERY way. Inside and out. Smart, clever, and a thinker. Practical & logical. No bullshit. This friend will protect & guild you. He is generous and pure. Hang onto a Paul. He's forever material.
Wow, I wish I was a Paul/Paulie

I've been blessed with a Paulie today
by The Noogie June 27, 2019

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There are'nt enough words so describe what an Anna is. Queenly, comes close. This small, understated, regal being encompasses all that is right, solid & good. A genuine woman with culture, style, taste & a deep understanding of life. Anna can correctly sum you up in a second of meeting you. She is gloriously entertaining & has many life travels to enthrall audiences with. Well read & immaculately spoken, she doesn't show her age. Her cuteness & pretty eyes are only a tiny part of her all round beauty. This girl has been hurt, betrayed, abandoned, forgotten & abused. Yet, you will never see her scared. Anna means generosity- In EVERYTHING. Her bold & brilliant personality covers her broken heart & spirit. An Anna enjoys good food, beautiful fabrics, exotic places and interesting people. Anna sees everyone as her equal. Anna is fair, brutally honest & kind. Except to herself. There is nothing that you cannot ask of Anna. She carrys the world on her shoulders with a magnificent smile. Anna is an inspiration. With her achievements and truthfulness. The very best mother anyone can ever ask for. An Anna deserves the cream of what life has to offer. Her intelligence is next level epic, although she undersells herself. This is a gal with the warmest heart and sparklyest nature. The truest, most loyal friend you will ever find. She is a trusted companion and belongs in your life forever. Hard to spot, so if you find an Anna- shackle her to you. You don't want her to get away.
Jane: how was your trip?
Fred: it was complete Anna/margot. Perfect

That is the most beautiful diamond I've ever seen, it's an Anna!!!
by The Noogie June 29, 2019

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