Guy 1: look at the at&t lady HUGE MILKERS
guy 2: MILK
by LolMILK March 22, 2021
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Her taut brassiere could barely contain her enormous milkers.
by MissAim August 15, 2014
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The milk-filled, chest-adorning, man-attracting, nipple-hoarding enigmas every female has, many females enlarge, and some males recreate (be it by sex-change or weight-gain).
"Did you get jiggy with Maureen?"

"YEAH! Her milkers were looking SOO dayum good I PHYSICALLY couldn't not."
by Coopatron December 19, 2007
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When a man has extra chub under his nipples, making it look like man boobs.
Hey milkers! Put on a bra!

*grabs man boob* Milkers....
by AngiesAwesome September 7, 2018
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Milkers is a another word for male breasts or male boobs. Essentially someone that has a pair of double Ds.
Yo Ali, DD just taken his top of, check out the size of his milkers?

Raaa a few pints later and I will be breast feeding on those milkers.
by Djdiscostew February 11, 2018
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