A device for making photo prints from film negatives.
It has nothing to do with penis enlargement
-I got an enlarger!
-Isn't your penis too small?
-It's a photographic enlarger, you idiot!
by dildo777 December 23, 2020
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the term used for the penis girls grow. generally they have to cut it weekly, but to really depends on the person. it can grow from 1-6 inches, but it really depends on the hormones, genetics, age, and weight. it stops growing with menopause, and sex can often speed up the growing process. some girls get a shot or a removal surgery at birth and were never taught about it, some get removal surgeries when they’re older.
umm...does that girl have a penis?”
yeah bro that’s pudendum enlargement”
by mooberrytheshow May 27, 2020
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Pianist enlargement is where you put your pianist on a high carbs, sugar and fat diet to make him larger.
"How's your pianist enlargement going?" Fred asked Larry."

"Great!" said Larry. "He's up to 400 pounds, but we're going for 550.
by scodder July 3, 2010
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To enlarge a woman's breasts through surgical or natural means.
surgical breast enlargement: silicone implants

natural breast enlargement: pills or creams such as Breast actives, or bloussant.
by Stilted Fox June 2, 2009
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a device used to make a small penis a lot bigger.
"Damn your penis is tiny why don't you try out this penis enlarger!"
by Annie February 5, 2003
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