to suck on a womens milk filled breasts , usally undertaken by a baby or infant, but can be peformed by a mature adult when required ...... it still tastes good at 45 belive me
lets get breast feeding i need some milk for my cafe au lait
by vinnny August 25, 2006
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the act of usually an infant sucking on breast usually the mothers
the sexy mother was breast feeding her child when i peeked in
by breast77 October 13, 2008
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when women take out their boobs and let you suck milk out of them.
bob was breast feeding in a mall
by sum guy222 April 29, 2010
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what every teenager wants to do with his mom again
boy:please mom just this time
mom:no my breast's are hurting now
by black March 9, 2005
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AB stands for Adult Baby. This is an adult who breastfeeds from lactating women. It is typically erotic for both the AB and the lactating woman, and usually results in a male orgasm. AB's may nurse with one exclusive lactating woman, or may be inclined to attend an AB Nursery, which are selective but feature a variety of lactating women.
I need to suckle some lactating tits for my adult breast feeding milk.
by Regulas Prime August 4, 2022
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