Moving quietly and keeping your business to yourself.
Zo's moving militant, we don't know anything going on with him right now.
by Zosmoogie November 17, 2020
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Conservative jargon for "a person we disagree with who is succeeding", especially if that person is a public official.

"People with civil zeal: Patriots. Patriots you disagree with: Activists. Activists who are succeeding: Militants." -Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian (satirical)
Those militant atheists are trying to ban us from saying Christmas, by saying happy holidays instead!
by EdaDick December 9, 2020
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A description of a person that is overly determined to prove their point. A militant person might resort to verbal or physical attacks.
PETA is a militant organization.
by scy1192 August 29, 2008
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When an incident or indivdual becomes over-powered with rage, that situation can be descibed as being militant
He's going militant!! (someone is getting angry)
The bouncer's are going militant!!
by Styles March 6, 2005
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A 4 foot 5 brown child with a bigass nose who thinks jokes are funny,but its just his nose.
Damn your nose is huge, looks like a milit
by Copani August 12, 2020
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man, i feel like i just got fucked by a militant!!!! that was the best orgasm ever!!! woooooooow. i love you.
by mandymoo January 19, 2007
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Some guy that bitches about politics all day when no one really cares.
by Emmanuel Goldstein September 23, 2003
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