Action of packing your life in tiny boxes, entrusting it to careless movers or clumsy friends, before unpacking it in a new place a couple of days/weeks later and forgetting about that one last box for over a year.
Moving: “We’re now officially moved. Because I finally unpacked the last box. Now it’s official. Hahaha” (Helen Parr - The incredibles)
by Lenny Penny November 18, 2020
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When you leave everything you love and are familiar with behind because your job or your parents' job(s) makes you move. Although sometimes moving is better than staying for those unfortunate folks who have it really bad.
Carl: Hey guys, I'm moving to Albuquerque
Guys: Damn, that really sucks. Hope you like it there.
by truddle September 8, 2020
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Jordan: Hey babe lets move!

Briana: Oh baby... you and your moving.. But, OK!
by Epic Ending February 15, 2010
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Jump out of the troublesome stuffs and go on with your life; Stop to go on making a happy living from all the pains that you had.
After breaking up, I move on cuz life is still full of hopes for me.
by *Iris* June 9, 2006
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A way of asking what the next objective is.

1. What are we going to do?

2. What's next?

3 . What's the plan?
by Asher3 February 13, 2014
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Having plans, Somewhere To Go, Reservations ,ect.
I Need Some Moves For Friday.
by thatchickdewx2 July 28, 2011
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