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A sudden change in events; often ironic.
Edgeworth: Thus, by this evidence, we know that YOU ARE THE ONE WHO TOOK THE LAST BROWNIE!

Phoenix: Objection! It was proven earlier that the subject had no motive, nor does he even like brownies!

Judge: Quite a plot twist!
by scy1192 August 16, 2008
A section of facial hair located above the lips. A popular style ith adolescents. Also called a "stache"
Bob: Hey, like my mustache?
Bob2: no.
by scy1192 March 20, 2008
A reply acknowledging a clever, or sarcastically, an unclever pun.

Person A: I sneezed.
Person B: 'snot funny!
Person C: @ Person B: i c wut u did thar
Person A: I sneezed.
Person B: 'snot funny!
Person C: @ Person B: i c wut u did thar
by scy1192 May 23, 2008
Being killed (or owned) in any multiplayer video game with a considerably weak character. Derived from the Super Smash Bros. Melee character, Princess Peach, who is considered a weak character to play as.

May also apply to real life, depending on the nerdiness of the user.
Player 1, playing as Falco, is defeated -4 to +4, by Player 2, playing as Peach. Player 2 would then proceed to say "You got PEACH'D!"
by scy1192 March 20, 2008
A sound that you make when you're frustrated or angry. Also may be used as a sigh for relaxing after being tense.
Pronounced as a muffled "nirg"
1: NRGH! He sunk my battleship!
2: *gets beaten up* nrgh...
by scy1192 September 1, 2008
A version of Windows in the 9x line, designed to supersede Windows 98 in the home market. Windows ME ran on a cut-down DOS base, which made some programs that worked with DOS, 95, and 98 unusable on ME. Windows ME is known for having many bugs and is often (and derogitoraly) called "Windows Mistake Edition", as opposed to its official title of "Windows Millenium Edition".
I have an old computer that I installed Windows ME on, but it won't boot up.
by scy1192 September 28, 2008
Originating from Team Fortress 2, when the Engineer will shout "SENTRY DOWN!" if his sentry is destroyed.

Used on the internet to mean that the defenses are down; used jokingly in a flame war.
A: Umm...well... you're stupid!
by scy1192 April 29, 2008