An infamous poison that is known to mortally wound the innocence of any elementary schooler exposed to it over a period of 2-4 years. It became tragically popular throughout the western world during the 20th century, and now many of its victims can be observed, while others lie in the grave after their middle-school induced suicide.

Ingredients in this heinous concoction include: hormones, stress, tests, social awkwardness, bullies, questionably edible food, questionably sane practices, and distant teachers.

To prepare a dose of middle school, mix these ingredients to 300 degrees Fahrenheit in your local district until it takes the form of a large, dull-brick building.
There goes Rick. Poor child. Someone poisoned him with middle school, its like his happiness has rotted away.
by Lord Passion March 4, 2013
The crappiest place ever. The popular kids think they're better than everyone, and the popular guys tell you to shut up if you start to say anything that sounds like an insult to them, while they can say whatever they want to you. The popular girls are all whores who drink Starbucks and act like 16 year olds. That covers the popular kids, but there are other groups too.
Nerds: Smart kids that usually have glasses and are physically weak.
Bros: Usually popular kids, they are jerks who are obsessed with shoes.
Gossip girls: Usually popular, they bring Starbucks every day and talk about pointless crap.
Tough posers: Act like they're tough
Bullies: Bullies
Teacher's pet: Usually a girl, they are total suck-ups to the so-called teachers
Normal people: One of the largest groups, they usually won't fall into a category until high school.
There are more, too
The food is made of styrofoam and rubber, the teachers give you truckloads of work and information you will never need.
You social life will suck. Everyone will be "dating" which just means hanging out for all groups except the popular kids, who make out and stuff. Prepare for 2-4 years (it depends) of dealing with jerks, boatloads of work, and either being rejected when asking a girl out or being accepted and the reationship lasting 3 days. All in all, middle school is torture.
Middle school sucks. Like really badly.
by Red38 Vex October 16, 2015
Middle school is a place that can either be fun, or shitty. Actually, it's mostly shitty.

Grades- 5-8 or 6-8 or even 7-8

It consists of perverted boys trying to get into any girls pants just to say they fxcked someone.

Girls that were all sweet and dressing in what their mom's picked out for them in elementary school will turn into complete sluts (most of them) and try and give a blowjob to anyone.

Teachers act like they know everything in the universe, when in actuality, they know just a little bit more then us, sometimes less -_-.

The place where people most likely become depressed.

6th grade- You're short, nerdy, oblivious to everything and anything that's gonna happen to you later in your middle school years. You actually TRY on your work and most likely get good grades.

7th grade- This is the place where you hit puberty HARD, horny little boys, slutty little girls. Cliques come in, you lose your best friends that you had in 6th grade. You get more homework and projects. The teachers stare at you wierd cause you're all in that akward stage of puberty where some of the guys are actually getting tall, and where most everybody is pimple-faced. You'll care about your grades and school work for about 3/4 of the year, then, all your motivation pretty much dies.

8th grade- Probably the best year there, you're the oldest and teachers cut you some slack. HAHAH just kidding, they don't cut you slack! They give you LOADS of homework trying to "prepare" you for highschool. Yeah, preparing and copying are two completely different things. BUT, you get a prom and graduation at the end, and you find out who your REAL friends are and who were the fakes. Nobody gives a shit about their work anymore. MOST people will stop wearing designer clothes EVERY SINGLE DAY and might possibly wear what they actually like. Some of the groups go away..but be aware, they come back.
Soon to be 6th grade girl: OMG! I can't WAIT for Middle School! It's gonna be so awesome! I'll have sooo much freedom and I'll be so popular!

Graduating 8th grader: I actually feel bad for you. I'll take the pleasure of being the first one to welcome you to 3 years of almost complete hell.

Soon to be 6th grader: Psh, yeah right. It's gonna be awesome!

6th grader turns into 8th grader and 8th grader turns into 10th grader.

10th grader: So, how're you liking middle school NOW?

8th grader: Holy sucks, please...PLEASE, get me out of here.
Soon to be 6th grade boy:

Graduating 8th grader: Dude, shut the hell up you little pervert, you're NOT gonna get a girl like that...god.

Algebra 1 teacher: Jamie, why don't you come up to the board and solve the quadratic polynomial long division problem WITHOUT your calculator? Come on, it'll be fun! :D

Jamie: *Left eye involuntarily twitches*

Teacher: Jamie?

Jamie: *Gives algebra teacher a blank stare*

Inside Jamies head: **

English Literature teacher: Ok class, tonights homework is to read pages 1-237 and write a 1350 word book report on the chapters that you have read, and your thoughts on the exciting chapters that lie ahead for you. Oh, and it's due tomorrow, on my desk, by 9:00 A.M, and it must be Laminated and have a colorful front page. Thats all, you may go.

Students: Stare at her with expressionless faces

*one kid falls out of their chair and has miniature spasms on floor*
*one by one the other children follow in his footsteps and have spasms also*

Teacher: Oh god, not again...*calls school nurse to come up to the classroom and make them stop convulsing*
by JessieJawBreaker July 31, 2009
(noun)grades (6 maybe in some schools) 7-8
Middle school is the place from which you come from elementary school, and go to hell, pretty much. You're going through pubrety, so you already feel bad, but then there some other kids picking on you because you're a loser. What you've seen on tv is ALL wrong. You must find a few good friends, stick with them, and care what nobody thinks to survive this hellish place. High school will be better. I promise.
Kid1: Lyk oh my god, you don't have that new Good Charlotte cd!
Kid2: And...?
Kid1: I can't be your friend anymore!
Kid2: I fucking hate middle school.
Then Kid1 will go and spread a horrid rumour because of a really fucking retarded CD.
by xRaex April 16, 2006
Is a horrible place where you won't learn anything useful in life, nothing like leaning how to balance finance or disinfect injury. No you learn how mongoose reproduce.

There are also several groups of people.

Preps: total posers and usually rich sluts who whine about not having the latest cell phone

Jocks: immature assholes who liek to stair at girls boobs and slap each other on the ass

Emos/goths: usually posers as well who only act like they're in emotional pain for attention even through they have food, a roof over their head and a loving family.

Real emos: do them a favor and be their friend. They're really in pain...
The toon platoon:. We're all normal and vary in personality, yet we have points of common ground, we accept lots of people in our groups and will have no problem helping you fix your whiny first world problems, because we're going to have to solve them anyway later when we're running the world and everyone else is a homeless drug using prostitute. we don't go shoving our egos down people's throats and often we are the only ones who do good in class, though we find everything useless. We generally consist of retro gamers, doctor who fans, martial artists, real nerds, true Internet users not facebook whores. Calm and polite. ECT.

Nerds: not the video game kind, the math geeks. They aren't even really smart any more. They just act like it.

They say you have more freedom in middle school. Honestly that's some bullshit. If being able to walk the halls without a teacher breathing down your neck is freedom, then we seriously need to rethink the definition of that word.
Lunch food also sucks thanks to government requirements that are supposed to cut down childhood obesity but really only make us eat more when we get home.

The principles are also weird and don't do shit for us. You can walk in the halls bleeding to death and they'll ask you how your day is going, when you request an ambulance they will tell you to have a nice day. Don't get me started on vice-principles.

Also everyone is going through puberty.

In other words. Good fucking luck you brave bastards.
Middle school.
by A. person May 11, 2013
Ah yes, the worst years you'll ever have in your life. 6th graders are immature and look 5 years old, 7th graders like to talk shit and make dirty jokes whilst bullying the 6th graders, 8th graders want to go home but not before they post every breathing moment of their life on Snapchat and ask to get laid (but like no one wants to touch your zitty ass) Middle schoolers like to wear Nike and Adidas even though they both suck, they listen to rap music unnecessarily loudly, and they add the words "gay" and "faggot" into any sentence. You can find these idiots riding their bikes down the street making moaning noises because they think it's funny. Some advise is to wear deodorant because y'all smell like a petting zoo on laxatives. You also have to respect your upperclassman because you'll get a show up your ass if you don't.
7th grader: haha hi baby!

Random person: who are you?

7th grader: your mom! hahahaha

Random person: oh wait, there's a middle school near here, so this must be a fucking middle schooler.
by Saintadonis16 July 26, 2017
We're girls lose brain cells and be fake and boy go crazy for shoulders and bra straps. I'm
teachers that get paid to make you do useless tests where kids do drugs and you get peer pressured into it and you become a crack whore when you grow up. Better than being a teacher
by This ugly boi September 20, 2018