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the popular kids are just kids with an upside down brain who think that covid-19 isn't real. They hang out in groups of 7-15 people and don't wear masks during this time. The older ones like to harass, tease, and bully the shit out of kids that are not how they want them to be. The younger ones manipulate the older non popular/semi popular kids. The younger popular kids are known to be as sly as a fox and it can take a matter of a few months to get lured into their real trap where a group of kids are watching. Kids with adhd are most likely the ones to get lured into their trap.
Cody: So, Wyatt? How was your experience with the popular kids last year?

Wyatt: Shitty. I have dealt with the fuckers for 3 years. They are the reason for my undiagnosed clinnical depression. They are the reason why I think it's my fault that COVID-19 got worse here in America.

Cody: Yeah the same thing happened to me. I got suspended for my anger issues. One of the popular kids named Quinn kept making jokes about an incident that happened a year ago. I had enough so I dropped the motherfucker.

Uh Wyatt, are you listening to what I am sayi--

Wyatt: He's a dead motherfuckin man now.
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by Anonomous4002 June 20, 2020
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