the popular kids are just kids with an upside down brain who think that covid-19 isn't real. They hang out in groups of 7-15 people and don't wear masks during this time. The older ones like to harass, tease, and bully the shit out of kids that are not how they want them to be. The younger ones manipulate the older non popular/semi popular kids. The younger popular kids are known to be as sly as a fox and it can take a matter of a few months to get lured into their real trap where a group of kids are watching. Kids with adhd are most likely the ones to get lured into their trap.
Cody: So, Wyatt? How was your experience with the popular kids last year?

Wyatt: Shitty. I have dealt with the fuckers for 3 years. They are the reason for my undiagnosed clinnical depression. They are the reason why I think it's my fault that COVID-19 got worse here in America.

Cody: Yeah the same thing happened to me. I got suspended for my anger issues. One of the popular kids named Quinn kept making jokes about an incident that happened a year ago. I had enough so I dropped the motherfucker.

Uh Wyatt, are you listening to what I am sayi--

Wyatt: He's a dead motherfuckin man now.
by Anonomous4002 June 20, 2020
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Usually characterized by overall wealth, fashionable style, confidence, the "popular kids" vary from school to school. Depending on what school you go to, they can be intelligent, intelligent but dumb themselves down, or just downright idiots. They come in all shapes and sizes, from petite brunettes to towering blondes. Most of them throw/attend the best parties in town, date the hottest girls/boys in town, and wear the most envy-worthy clothes in town.


Popular boys are often exceedingly confident, to the point where they are arrogant. They can dress preppy, in Polo and Vineyard Vines, or some take the gangsta approach and try to dress ghetto (even though most of them are white and all of them are rich.) The boys are mostly on sports teams, USUALLY lacrosse, football. Occasionally you may find a runner or a soccer player amongst them. If one of them doesn't play a sport, he has to become a clown to stay in the group. Clowns are those funny-to-the-point-where-they're-desperate kids who try to make fun of everyone and everything. Everyone always laughs along because they're Popular, but the actual funny-ness of their jokes is only so-so. Some of the boys are complete morons, some are A students. But all of them have no respect for teachers and frequently attend detention for it. You also might get a rare "Popular Nerd" in the mix, this kid is a complete dork who is allowed to hang with the popular kids to do their homework and be the butt of their jokes and pranks. The Popular Nerd is often changed on a weekly basis, unless he changes his ways and becomes a permanent asset to the group. These boys, although they brag of glory in battle, rarely actually physically fight, lest they hurt themselves. They are often quite manipulative, sometimes more so then the girls they hang out with.


Much like their male counterparts, the Popular Girls have a certain icy confidence that they flaunt, usually to make others feel unworthy. This confidence usually comes from hyper-competitive, overbearing, rich parents who constantly spoil their brats. These girls hang out together in the same cliques they have since pre-K everyday after school. Some are naturally intelligent, but most dumb themselves down in order to become more appealing to (shallow) boys. Thus, many of them befriend "The Popular Nerd" and manipulate him into doing homework for them. Some may seem nice, and, hey, in your school, they might actually be nice. But often, they are just shallow, insecure girls. They are usually catty and fight amongst themselves over boys and status using advanced psychological warfare. Their hair is always perfect, whether is be blonde, brunette, or red, and is usually straightened. Their skin is mostly clear and smooth, and rarely you see one that's not in excellent physical condition. Much unlike their male counterparts, they suck up to teachers, big time. We're talking cupcakes, brownies, surprise parties. It's creepy, but it sometimes is the difference between a C+ and a B-. They may treat you nicely one day, but don't count on that 'Hello!' in the hallway the next day. Often, they have this notion that they are actually better then everyone else.

Boys and girls usually start drinking in 8th/9th grade and stomach pumps are a norm. Rarely do they get involved with drugs, the alcohol consumption is just a desperate cry for parental attention. It's quite sad. Some girls will start cutting themselves and sleeping around quite a lot. The rest of their group will usually look down on this behavior (even though they've been known to sleep around too) and possibly will shun the offender. Some of the boys will be ousted too, charged with "not being funny enough" or "not getting enough babes." Those ousted will usually go down one of two roads. Either they'll wake up and start trying to improve their academic performance OR they'll sink deeper into partying and alcohol. For the remaining popular group, the future is not always clear. Sure, they say they'll be friends forever, but in a few years, being popular won't matter. It's college time. Some of them will get into great schools and probably take over Daddy's business and produce one or two Popular babies with their Popular spouses. But the others? Maybe get into a decent/average college. Do averagely. And end up working for the nerds in your high school/other high schools. Live an average life. Not a miserable one, just average. Never do anything particularly extraordinary. Have a couple of kids, maybe. But the glory days of high school are gone, and are never coming back.....

GEEK: I hate those popular kids with their sports and parties and....

ME: Calm down. In a few years, all of that will end and they'll be working for us. Just focusing on getting good grades and you'll be fine.

GEEK: Oh, okay. I guess that makes sense.....
by Jessica Strong February 18, 2009
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In Britain, popularity seems to be different to in the US. Instead of wealthy or never seeming to feel pain, these low-life individuals normally have split-up families, are almost always working class and are what a lot of people call 'chavs'.

The girls dress like prostitutes, are usually thick and are total bitches to everyone but other popular kids.

The guys always act tuff and are almost always into rugby or football. The normally put on low voices and are normally chavvy themselves. The push people around in the corridor like bulldozers and are all-round general dickheads.
Hey, you see those popular kids? Complete dickheads.
by coolguy54 January 27, 2013
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High school kids who generally excel at many unimportant things; from sports, to their studies, to being douchebags. They usually have a perfect upbringing and are in relationships with the kind of girls us lesser beings could only dream of. Poverty, homelessness, and problems are just some of the things these people will never experience.
Me: Fuck man, I can't believe that popular kid is dating Natasha O., he doesn't even deserve her. He treats her like shit and cheats on her, too. I wish I was with her, I'd run my fingers through her hair and tell her how beautiful she is on a daily basis. We would even make a contractual agreement to be with one another when we reincarnate the life after this.

My friend: Yeah man, totally. What a douche. Who the fuck drives a Honda Civic and thinks it's cool? He should get a real car, like a Corvette ZR1. He could afford it anyway. All these popular kids make my head hurt with their stupidity.
by TZG_Eleven June 15, 2011
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Cocky brats who think they are better than everyone else.
Popular Kids-Were so much cooler than you.
by Killerhaze07 May 15, 2016
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A bunch of snooty, entitled teenagers who they're the coolest thing on this planet when they're really a bunch of obnoxious asswipes! These kids are usually seen in groups talking about how oh so popular they are. They have the brain IQ of a goldfish and don't care that they're literally bombing some of their classes because they got to go do football and cheerleading practice. They also like to bully the weird and nerdy kids a lot. I have felt victim to these bullyings before multiple times and they always pick on me for being a fan of movies and video games and they make going to school a living hell. And it's not only weird and nerdy kids, sometimes they even pick on LGBTQ people and even freaking mentally disabled people! Some of these kids have even committed suicide just because of how much they've been bullied and these popular kids won't give a shit about it! After these popular kids finish college, they'll soon figure out that all those years of being popular was just for nothing they'll soon be living in a apartment that looks like shit with there high school boyfriend/girlfriend working for one of the kids who they bullied in high school who is now a very successful business made to help the world with some of its biggest problems.

Sweet Mother of Mary and Joseph that felt good! Note: Not all popular kids are like this
Kid who gets bullied: Man, I wish those popular kids would stop bullying me!
Other kid who's also getting bullied: I do too. But hey, look on the bright side, if we keep up our good grades, we'll start a very successful business and they'll be working for us
Kid who gets bullied: I guess you're right.
by Miamicrimeman June 12, 2020
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Annoying kids who no one really likes. They all pretend to be friends but talk about each other when the persons back is turned. They also tend to act stupidly and have no common sense. A few of them somehow get into honors classes, where they do badly and annoying the serious students. There are also kids who think that they are part of the popular group which makes them twice as annoying.
Popular Girl-OMG you're my best friend! -they walk away- I hate that girl!

"Those popular kids are so stupid. How the heck did they get into the honors class??"
by Casey Hunter March 31, 2010
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