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A young person between the ages of 10-14, give or take.

Also the beginning stages of puberty, so expect your sweet little elementary schooler to begin changing in the most horrible of ways. Most middle schoolers will struggle with puberty, some more than others. Most give in to their hormones and act with carnal instinct, becoming obnoxious foul-mouthed babies with no respect for anyone-- this is due to the fact that they are confused and have absolutely no idea what to do with all of these new emotions and are trying to compensate this "weakness" by acting like brats.

Other middle schoolers at most will develop some lip, but are able to control their urges. When they go into high school they are generally more prepared to deal with high school, which is to be described almost as a breeding ground.

Middle schoolers are NOT to be confused with highschoolers. Middle schoolers are still in the "opening" stage of adulthood, whereas highschoolers are rushing through the "blooming" stage and "settling" stage. Middle schoolers are very experimental as they begin trying to find their identities, not knowing that identities are not found but developed.
Specimen A:

BEFORE Tony became a middle schooler, he was a very polite little boy who loved to share his toys.

AFTER Tony became a middle schooler, he grew out his hair and kept it greasy, dressed in black, talked back to teachers, talked about sex and harassed girls without actually knowing anything about sex, watches rated R movies and says things to purposely breaks his parents hearts. Lies about things he likes to impress other boys. And girls. Deep inside is still that polite little boy who loves to share his toys.

Specimen B:

BEFORE middle school, Maria likes to help people and read books.

AFTER middle school, Maria wears skanky clothes and hangs out with lots of boys and talks about boys, she also has a million best friends and newfound sisters and also lies about what she likes to please other boys and girls. Deep inside is that sweet girl that loves to help people and make people smile, and read a good book once in a while.
by iAnomaly January 20, 2011
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Kids that sit in classroom all day doing shit on paper and are very senctive.
Middle schoolers are rich youg hoomies.
by Game mode 0 September 14, 2016
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n: a student currently enrolled in classes at a middle school. AKA little shithead or little motherfucker.

There is a stratification in type of the middle schooler, which might not classify them as a 'little shithead' or 'little motherfucker'. These adolescents should be avoided or pitied, since they are experiencing the worst and most awkward period of their lives. middle school .

From their douchebaggy, bluetooth-wearing SUV-driving parents, they feel that the world is their oyster, and the general public will put up with their bullshit in the local mall. They exploit this fact, because murder is illegal in the United States.

Because they were "hot shit" in elementary school they disrespect all elders and authority figures at all times of their parasitic lives: Parents, school bus driver, teachers, and general public after their Moms drop them off at the mall.

Side fact: They don't need a 100$ phone to text their "BFF"s. But they must have it or their parents are denying them a basic human right.

The typical middle schooler has emo hair  that is constantly in their eyes and contributes to their overall douchebaggery. Found in myspace pictures, usually taken by themselves, they include the obligatory pooched lip/peace sign posturing.

They continue to exist because murder is still illegal. At some point, a license to kill will be granted to hunt the middle schooler if proper permits are acquired.
*you are walking in the mall and a laser pointer is suddenly shined on you. You freak out a little because you can't "bat away" a laser, and because of 9/11 or whatever. You confront the culprits with their douche hair and north face jackets.*

You: "Uh, can you not do that?"

Middle Schooler Gaggle in mocking voice: "UHH DUHHH CAN YOU NOT DO THAT! HAHAHA!"

You: "Do I need to find security?"


You: " I'm only 27, and you're lucky that I can't kill you little motherfuckers. Otherwise I would scalp the emo hair off your heads and feed it to you, then straight-up murder your asses."

Middle Schooler Gaggle in mocking voice:" DUH HuH WHA I'M STUPID AND OLD HAHA!"
by englishmajorburgerflipper November 08, 2009
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Kids who think they can eat tide pods one week and be gun safety experts next week. They think their relationships are serious, but they end in two fucking weeks.
by ilovezennn February 25, 2018
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a possible 11-14 year old using β€œtaken πŸ”πŸ’• class of β€˜24 ✌️ VLMS πŸ“šβ€ as their instagram bio. they often put their 11:11, β€œsend me honest messages”, and post random clips of them at school on snapchat. they text EVERYONE they know at school when they are working on homework or want to gO tO tHe mALL aNd bUy MatCHiNg OUtfIts.
stacy: omg are you a middle schooler!?
jason: yea
by yeehaw lady September 29, 2019
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People ussely attending a school with grades 6-8 or 6-9

1. A whore druggie or dumbass who think there way older then they are they they sleep around do drugs or piss evryone off
2. A kid who a actuly may be funny nice or even just kinda anoying they may do drugs but don't brag about it most of the ones in this category are virgins
Guy 1.Bro my sister Kayla is knocked up and the guy got busted with acid
Guy 2. Isn't she in 7th grade
Guy 1. Yeah stupid middle schooler

Girl 1. Sorry I was busy
Girl 2 what were you doing
Girl 1. Hanging out with Omar
Girl 2. Who's Omar
Girl 1. This awsome 8th grader
by Randomuser117 September 13, 2012
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