an ancient hollies song about a person whose fortune/s turn to poo!
the last few years have been truly king midas in reverse for me!
by michael foolsley February 5, 2010
Everything touched turns to crap instead of gold. Midas was able to touch something and it would turn to gold instantly. Having the "negative Midas touch" causes the exact opposite effect.
Mike cant seem to fix anything, everything he touches he breaks. He's got the negative Midas touch.
by Shantee Geetum November 12, 2009
Having a midas touch means anything you touch turns into gold. Having a pink midas touch means anything you touch/"touch" turns gay.
Christina always ends up single, because the men she'd date always happen to turn out gay after just the first base. She has a pink midas touch.
by cAcaNOClouds July 8, 2013
See 'Jackass Of All Trades.'

Somebody who is absolutely useless at any task.

Turns everything to crap.

Ask him to perform a task and he will make a substandard effort.
Tradie: "Hey boss, why did you fire T?"
Boss: "Because he was fucken useless, the Jackass of All Trades had a Reverse Midas Touch."
Tradie: "Whoa, fuck me dead and call me Mary, I guess the company was going into the shitter..."
by Schteeeeve March 6, 2022
People that work with Trump always end up getting screwed or losing integrity. For a man who is loves gold he has the Anti-Midas touch!!
by 50 Spence October 22, 2017