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A YouTuber that mainly plays bedwars, skywars, blitz survival games, skyblock, and some more all on the Hypixel Network on Minecraft java edition. Commonly uses the phrase "nerd". Has PIG++++++++++++ rank. (if only that many +s...) Has over 1M subscribers. Friends with Skeppy, TimeDeo, etc. Also gets very mad when TimeDeo takes their 50M coins in the bank in Hypixel Skyblock and does something dumb with it. (50M Midas Sword, 50M Flower Minion, well actually 40M but thats what he doesn't want you to believe, and jumping into the void with it.) Started channel on October 28, 2013. over 500 videos.

technoblade: *hits player off island or kills them when they don't know* rekt NERDDDDD
technoblade in bedwars: *tnts bed, jumps down, breaks bed, and kills all of the teams players and survives* I AM A GOD!
technoblade in skyblock: ah, finally 50 million coins in the bank every time i see a glimpse of happiness, TimeDeo justs- *0 coins in bank* *sees TimeDeo* COME BACK NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by AryamanV2000 November 04, 2019

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A game where 7 and 8 year olds learn sex and how to steal credit cards and use them and swearing, and be an oder, download viruses on their family's computers for "hacks".
Mom: Why is there a virus on the computer?
Timmy: I wanted roblox hacks!!
Mom: Why?? I told you don't always trust the internet, or it will give us bad things!
Timmy: But I wanted hacks!
Mom: You're GROUNDED, Timmy! No more computer for a year!
Timmy: Why?
Mom: Because, you got a virus on a computer!
Timmy: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *walks to room and locks door*
Mom: lol
by AryamanV2000 November 16, 2018

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the 1,000th number in all the numbers. 4 (or 5) digits, hard to count to, before 1,001, after 999.
Person A: 999...1000!!!
Person B: You did it! You counted to 1000!
by AryamanV2000 March 01, 2019

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When you tell someone joe did it randomly and they ask, "Who's Joe?" and you're like


don't ask who Joe is, no matter what.
guy: Joe did it!
gf: who's Joe?
gf: im breaking up with you
by AryamanV2000 October 22, 2019

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The best sword known to man in hypixel skyblock.
person in unstable dragon armor (P1): hey man you got AOTD yet?
person in full superior dragon armor (P2): nah i got 50M MIDAS SWORD OOOOOOOOOOOOO
P1: holy shorts
P2: lol
by AryamanV2000 November 05, 2019

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A word that means: bad, really bad, hate, etc.
Fuck you.
Fuck this.
Fuck my ass.
Fuck this shit.
Fuck that.
Fuck ur mom.
Fuck ur dick.
by AryamanV2000 March 01, 2019

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That one twitch emote everybody uses too much even for anything

Streamer: does anything (specifically funny or cool)
Chat: Pog
That one dude in chat: peepoPants
Chat: peepoPants shouldn’t exist
via giphy
by AryamanV2000 October 30, 2019

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