The act of using gold spraypaint to coat the scrotum of a passed out male.
Scotty G has screwed with his friends when they pass out for the last time. Next time he gets the Midas Teabag
by supshp August 20, 2013
When an individual urinates on their own hand before pleasuring themselves.
I wanted all gold everything so instead of getting a spray tan I gave myself a King Midas
by carlthelong December 2, 2022
'Might as well'

Basically a cooler term for "I should just" or "fuck it"
"Are you going to do it?" "Midas (well)"
Just do it
by ctynacho November 28, 2016
A nickname applied to those who, in high school, were not sexually active and took matters into their own hands on a frequent and daily basis.
MM: So B***, whats your PR?
JB: Umm...10? yeah, 10.
*unbelieving stares from all involved*
BP: Dude, are you fucking king midas?
by Skipperdo January 25, 2009
Having a day when things go wrong... Everything you touch turn into a muffler
"I have the Midas Touch, Everything I touch turns into a muffler
by tobywonkanobe July 16, 2010
The act of being binded up by the character Midas from fortnite and him railing you from behind with his golden dick then he strips you and rails you for all eternity. Don’t worry, he’ll feed you and bathe you and live a life with you but 20% of the day revolves around sex.

To get this to happen say “Ovaries and eggs” in a dark Grocery Store bathroom while shitting.
Nobody has ever escaped Midas sex! It could be paradise or a nightmare!
by Ganyu March 24, 2021
A person who is so adept at fixing electronic equipment that they appear to fix it with one touch.
I'm really thinking about giving Engineering a see, I'm a Midas Mechanic.
by EggyBaby February 3, 2011