Australian slang word for a Tradesman.

A labourer whom for most of there life, all day, every week-day, stands around talking utter bullshit and constructs part of a house for 75,000 peanuts a year. Aside from acting hard and earning fuck all, funnily think they are somebody special even though they do a job a 10 year-old could learn and do.. Commonly found picking there 17 year-old GF up from school in a clapped out ute/4WD.
"Did you catch that tradie in his Hilux with his retarded co-workers and 15 year-old girlfriend?"

"Haha yeah man, didn't you realize that's normal for them dead shits?!"
by Lucifer is my bitch April 20, 2021
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Is an Australian tradesman who wakes up at piss early in the morning trying to get their girlfriend ready for school.

They then drive their Toyota Hilux to the bakery for a sausage roll and/or pie plus an iced coffee. A tradie is someone who dropped out of grade 10 to go to a trade college or to tafe to get a cert in a trade, they then get an apprenticeship and earn $81,636 a year.
"Come on babe you don't have time school starts in 10 mins"

"It's raining time to clock off"

"Get away from my daughter you shit cunt of a tradie, shes only 12 years old"
by BigDickDill June 22, 2020
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Aussie abbreviation for tradesmen.
The tradies are carrying on brisk biz now.
by uttam maharjan July 25, 2010
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Austrailian tradesman.
At RSVP, we're saying goodbye to the metrosexual male and celebrating our hardworking tradesmen. One winner will be crowned Australia's Hottest Tradie and will take home a brand new Ute plus a host of fantastic prizes.
by Mike from Kansas December 11, 2008
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1. A tradesman

2. Any one with an occupation such as a plumber or electrician, that has a ute with a tray dog or a white van with PVC tubes attached to the top.
The trady was doing well for himself with his plastering business, finally able to pay off the white trady van (complete with PVC tubes) and take his lovely wife Joyce and the kids out for tea at the pub.
by Kiplodogda June 1, 2006
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adj. describing someone who trades frequently, as opposed to taking money for goods or services.

"yeah, his work is killer. And he's great if your broke. He takes trades... food, body work, etc. He's pretty trady like that."
by lucaso September 29, 2005
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A person, employed in a trade such as plumbing, carpentry, electrical work who has sadly encountered you driving in front of them on the road and has then had a bad, bad reaction. You have ruined their day.

Rage Tradies can be identified by either the type of Ute, Truck or Van they are driving clearly marked with their company name, or by the use of strong profanity as they tailgate and road rage you and any other motorist who has the misfortune to currently be in their way.

Rage Tradie most often spotted in natural habitat on the road with a mobile phone either at ear or in lap.

Caution - Do Not Engage, you will incite more rage.
Mate, this Rage Tradie has been tailgating us for yonks. Mate, just go round!
by noproblemhere January 7, 2019
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