A very sexy boi, with a pair of huge butt and penis. Approximately 10000 km long. Very hot on the bed, he'll be a good fuck. His shit is very smelly and huge, a lot of girls called Angela would love him.
You're good Mida Jiang Jiang.
I'll let you come all over me Mida Jiang Jiang.
by Michael Sundry UK January 12, 2022
His cock is sooo sexy your cock is fucking nothing to it. His cock is soooo big that when he fucks marigold she has it coming out her mouth.
So you like my dick? It’s… nothing much.
Oh… my… how did you get it.

It’s my ‘special Midas’ big sexy cock’.
by ☆★Midas★☆ February 5, 2022
A worthless, scandalous A+ certification teacher who has yet to implore any small amount of knowledge upon his students.

Relative to a great man known as "Uncle Randy" who has been in the slammer for some time now.
Mida Bunk beat the shit outta his students for not studing their accronyms
by Vrippa March 1, 2005
A phenomenon where anything created by the internet, will be destroyed by the internet, usually in the matter of days.
“Hey did you hear about (insert popular online event/trend/game)?”

“Yeah, but more and more people started joining in on it and they ruined it. It’s always a recurring Midas Touch Effect whenever the internet gets a hold of something precious.”
by Sxftware April 13, 2022
The sexiest person I've ever seen. He has a big black penis (approximately 80 inches) with 6 pairs of testicles. A lot of girls named Angela would love him very much.
I want you to cum all over me Mida Jiang Jiang!
You're a good fuck Mida Jiang Jiang.
by Michael Sundry UK January 12, 2022
slang for a jewel thief who has never been proven guilty no matter how many times he has been caught
A:Hey, that jewel thief just got acquitted again!!
B:What a Midas!