Buff ass thicc lady, got hella ass, major tiddy. Once killed an old lady but that is neither here nor there.
"God DAMN look at that Midas lookin slice of thicc cake over there, I heard she killed my grandma"
by mGNssssssssssss May 5, 2022
A student who always starts learning on time, and shares all his summeries with his schoolmates.
Oh he is a midas, we're very thankful

Have we got a midas in our group? I don't fancy making my own summeries.
by vicotr April 2, 2017
A worthless, scandalous A+ certification teacher who has yet to implore any small amount of knowledge upon his students.

Relative to a great man known as "Uncle Randy" who has been in the slammer for some time now.
Mida Bunk beat the shit outta his students for not studing their accronyms
by Vrippa March 1, 2005