informal for titty which is an informal for tit which is an informal for boob which is informal for breast which is informal for mammary gland.
Bill: Ay bruh you a tits or ass guy?
Joe: Im a tiddy guy all the way
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Can be used as slang for "tid bit" or to refer to a specific item like, "that tiddy <cd> is slammin'"
I'll get that paper to ya in just a tiddy.
by Me-shell March 7, 2006
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"Did you see that girl's tiddies?"
"Don't talk about your sister that way, man."
by foffrightoff May 11, 2019
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Phonetic pronunciation and spelling of the more common "titties". Especially appropriate for large breasts, as it includes the double-D.
"That girl's got some small ass tiddies."

"My favourite part of a woman is the eyes, unless I can see her tiddies. In which case it's tiddies."
by Sweet Georgia Brown January 10, 2012
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The proper way to say and spell "Titties". Why? Because of Double D's "DD" Duh!
Guy: Damn, you got some fat TIDDIES
Double D Daphne: Well of course I do
by smolltiddies October 13, 2019
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English males under 13 usually search these up to have a fun time with their ding dong.
Hey papa, can I search up tiddy?
by SL3NDI3 February 3, 2017
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