Someone who brings good things where ever they go. Based off of the story of King Midas who couldn't touch anything without it turning into gold.
Stick with Gregg, he's got the Midas touch
by Gregory J. dodd May 26, 2004
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Tier 100 in Season 2 Chapter 2 battle pass and alot of girls fall in love at him

He most handsome person in fortnite
Y'all can't believe that Midas is the most handsome person I've ever seen UwU. Midas oppa borahae
by K-pop lovers February 23, 2020
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Wow did you see his huge buldge, he's such a Midas
by Midasiscoolasf December 7, 2019
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The most popular tier 100 skin in Season 2 Chapter 2 battle pass and the most handsome and cutest boy in Fortnite

Taken by TNTina
Omg omg look at him. His name is Midas and he looks so cute and handsome. Protect him *does T-Pose with full of hearts*
by MidasFN May 29, 2020
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In Taiwanese, this beautiful name has the meaning of a clever female warrior with a kind, true heart of gold. This girl is social, the center of attention, and very athletic. She brings all the joy into the world.
This my best friend Midae.
by Midae February 8, 2023
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